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Delta Air Lines, one of the largest airlines in the United States, has a clear policy when it comes to carrying checked baggage. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, it is important to be well informed about the guidelines, fees, and restrictions and rules for carrying checked baggage with that airline.

Delta Air Lines checked baggage policy varies by selected fare class and destination. In general, there is a charge for checking baggage, and the fees to be paid are as follows:

– Domestic flights: 30 dollars for the first checked bag and 40 dollars for the second. If your trip includes a flight to or from Canada, a fee of CAD 60 applies to the first checked bag and CAD 50 to the second.

– International flights: The first checked bag is generally free for international flights, except for flights to or from certain destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For these flights, the first checked bag is subject to a fee of 60 USD. The second bag varies by destination and can cost between 100 and 200 USD.

What baggage allowance for Delta SkyMiles Medallion® Members?

$0 1st bag checked fee for Delta Medallion status holders or SkyTeam® Elite & Elite Plus members

Members holding Medallion status and reserving a seat in Delta Comfort+®, Main Cabin or Basic Economy for travel to any destination within the Delta Air Lines network departing from an airport in the United States and Canada are entitled to check-in” free of charge” an additional piece of baggage weighing 50 lbs.

Medallion Members who take Delta One® flights or have First Class reservations have the option of traveling with 3 pieces of checked baggage at no charge, each of which is limited in weight to 70 lbs.

Passengers achieving Medallion Status are permitted to travel with three checked bags free of charge (on domestic flights) each weighing no more than 70 lbs.

Baggage allowances (indicated above) are automatically granted to up to 8 companions traveling with the passenger with Medallion status (unless the flight is scheduled from Paris-CDG or Amsterdam-Schiphol airport).

Passengers with Silver Medallion status and who have successfully obtained the Delta SkyMiles American Express card can travel with two free checked bags weighing 140 lbs in total (70 lbs each) knowing that this allowance will be granted to them on domestic flights in the United States. States or on routes connecting the North American country to Canada.

Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+ Allowance (Each Way)

Departure/arrival point

Silver Gold Platinum


Within the United States and to Canada

1×70 Ibs (Free) 2×70 Ibs (Free) 3×70 Ibs (Free)
From/to any international destination

1×50 Ibs + Additional Baggage

Delta Premium Select (Each Way)

Within the United States and to Canada

3 x 50 Ibs (Free)
From/to any international destination

3 x 70 Ibs (Free)

First Class, Delta One Alliowance (Each Way)

From/to any destination (domestic/international)

3 x 70 Ibs (Free)

Overweight and oversized baggage

– Baggage showing excess weight (bulky)

It should be noted that the weight of each piece of checked baggage included in the allowance offered by DAL must not exceed 50 IBS (23 kg). And in terms of dimensions, each suitcase must measure 158cm or less (62 inches) by adding the length, width and depth.

So, if your parts exceed the weight or size limits imposed by the American company, you will have to pay additional costs. The charges for overweight and oversized baggage are as follows:

– Overweight Baggage: For domestic flights, a $100 fee applies to baggage weighing between 51 and 70 pounds. On international flights, a fee of 100 to 200 USD applies to baggage weighing between 51 and 70 pounds, depending on the destination.

In the same context, we remind you that Delta Air Lines authorizes you to carry an additional piece of baggage by paying a fee of:

  • Domestic flight

$150 for the 3rd piece of baggage and $200 for the 4th piece.

  • International flight

Fees ranging from $100 to $200 are applied on flights between the United States and Canada, North, South and Central America, Europe and North Africa (baggage exceeding 70 Ibs are not accepted), Mexico and Caribbean and flights serving a country in Asia or a destination in New Zealand.

$100 if the weight is between 51 and 70 Ibs (23kg and 31.75kg) ($150 between North America and San Pedro Sula (Honduras) or San Salvador).

$200 if the weight varies between 71 and 100 Ibs (32.21kg and 45.36kg).

  • Baggage whose dimensions exceed the standards established by Delta Air Lines (Oversized)

The fees charged by the airline depend on the country of the destination:

  • Canada: $/CAD 200
  • Asia, Middle East, India and Australia: $175
  • North/South/Central America, Europe/North Africa: €250
  • North America, Africa: $175
  • Brazil: $100

It should be noted that the airline DAL charges a fee to authorize the transport of baggage with dimensions greater than 63″ (161cm).

Baggage larger than 80″ (203cm) cannot be checked into the hold, but can be sent via its cargo department.

Earn and collect miles

For Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express and Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express cardholders, paying excess baggage fees can now be a rewarding experience. Each time you pay excess baggage charges with one of these credit cards, you will earn 3 points/$ and 2 points/$ if you pay for your purchases with Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express.

Here are all the cards allowing the check-in of the 1st bag for free on Delta Air Lines flights:

  • Delta SkyMiles Gold American (and Business) Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum (and Business) American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve (and Business) American Express Card

Delta Air Lines offers exclusive baggage allowance for military personnel

Who can be serving members of the Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, or United States Coast Guard. They have access to an improved checked baggage allowance:

Basic Eco, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+

Delta Premium Select

First Class & Delta One

Personal trip

2 x  50Ibs (Free) 3 x 50Ibs (Free) 3 x 70Ibs (Free)
Military mission

5 x 100Ibs (Free)

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