Correction, change of first and middle name: Fee charged by Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has a name correction policy in place to ensure that all ticketed passengers board their flights with the correct names shown on their documents. This is important, as incorrect spellings or incorrect titles can affect future travel plans and lead to awkward situations. The US airline provides instructions on how to have your name corrected before or after purchasing your airline tickets.

Corrections of minor and simple faults and errors are permitted on Delta flights (one-time only) and can be applied online from the My Trips tab.

What are the fees charged by Delta Airlines?

In order to allow you to introduce corrections or changes to your reservation by changing your name, you may be required to pay a fee ranging from $125 USD to $275 USD.

– Make your name changes or modifications over the phone

If you want help in carrying out this operation, you can get in touch with the customer service of Delta Airlines, and for this you must call the number 800-221-1212.

How to request a name correction before your flight?

If you need to change your ticket name before you fly, it must be requested at least four hours before departure and will incur the appropriate change fee depending on the jurisdiction of purchase.

In the following cases, any name change operation must be done through Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations:

– If the flight is operated by a partner airline such as Aeromexico, KLM, Koran Air or Air France, Virgin Atlantic, …

– If you will be flying from or departing from an airport in China or India

– If your name includes more than three incorrect letters

– If you have already corrected your name

– If in the event that a reissue of the ticket is mandatory

Family name, first or middle name correction policy

If this is your case, know that this is possible from the My Trips tab online. however, the following procedures must be followed before re-confirming your reservation:

  • Add OSI to your PNR (to indicate that you have made a change to your first names).
  • By correcting your name, you are not entitled to alter or change your date or itinerary.

Conditions for adding a name

The same conditions stated above apply if you need to add a last name to your reservation without changing the name initially mentioned.

For Example: SmithWilliams/Johnson instead of Williams/Johnson

Change to reversed surnames & first names

Delta Airlines has a policy in place that requires all customers to enter their full contact details when booking tickets with the airline. This means reversing first and last names when written in the wrong order. This applies to passengers traveling on domestic flights.

Such an error requires a simple correction that can be applied online at Manage Booking or through your travel agent. However, if for example, no first name was mentioned in the Last Name field, then Delta Customer Support should be contacted for help and assistance as needed.

Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD)

Be aware that when making a change to a Delta Airlines flight reservation, one must re-add the SSR DOCS to the PNR by first confirming which contains the passenger’s SFPD.

When it is not possible to correct or change your name yourself or through your travel agent on a Delta airline ticket reservation

You must contact customer service:

– By booking an itinerary connecting an airport in the United States to a destination in Europe such as Amsterdam and the flight will be operated by KLM.

– A correction operation is already done

– A reserved itinerary for travel to/from a destination in India

– More than three incorrect letters in the surname: For example: Mohamed instead of Muhammat

– If the surname and first name are reversed, and the middle name is entered in the field dedicated to the insertion of the name.

Fees and costs associated with the correction or change of surname and first name

It should be noted that Delta Airlines does not apply or charge any fees for the correction, rectification or change of this contact information.

When is a waiver code needed for a name correction?

In the event that you do not comply with the conditions mentioned above.

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