Hand and Carry-on baggage in Delta Airlines cabins: Restrictions and rules

Organizing a trip by plane with Delta Air Lines requires taking into account several details including the preparation of luggage.

You need to know the number of pieces of luggage you are allowed to carry in the cabin, their weight and size limits. This can help the passenger of what he wants to take with him, and to choose the type of his suitcase.

Delta Air Lines authorizes each passenger to carry one piece of luggage + one personal bag in the cabin (handbag, small briefcase, laptop bag, etc.)

What are the weight and size restrictions for hand luggage?

There is no maximum weight limit when carrying carry-on baggage on a Delta Air Lines flight unless you are traveling to or from the following airports:


Max weight

Changi (SIN)

7kg or 15 Ibs

Beijing (PEK) and Shanghai-Pudong (PVG)

10kg or 22 Ibs

– Carry-on dimensions: Are there any limitations enforced by Delta Airlines?

On the other hand, size restrictions are applied by DAL: Hand luggage must display dimensions less than or equal to 114cm (45″).

The American airline may refuse the carriage of the handbag or additional objects in the cabin if you book Delta Connection flights whose aircraft operated are equipped with small cabins (with fifty seats).

The American airline may refuse the carriage of the handbag or additional objects in the cabin if you book Delta Connection flights whose aircraft operated are equipped with small cabins (with fifty seats).

Due to space limitations in some cabins, Delta Air Lines may require certain passengers to check in (free of charge their carry-on baggage) by attaching a tag with their name and telephone numbers.

Carriage of Liquids in the cabin with Delta Airlines: This type of baggage is subject to special regulations

Carrying liquids in hand luggage or carry-on? Strict regulations are applied by Delta Air Lines. Travelers are forced to adapt in order not to run the risk of losing one of their products at the airport.

Passengers are allowed to carry liquids in containers (up to ten) whose capacity must not exceed 100 ml each; In addition, they should be placed in a special bag for liquids, and the sum of the containers should not exceed 1 liter in capacity (1000 ml). However, there are generally no restrictions on the amount of liquids in checked baggage.

Any liquid, whether cosmetic or aerosol, must be kept in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 mL; thus totaling a maximum of 1 L.

It is possible to transport perfumes, aerosols, creams, gels and other products considered liquid by the airline in the hand luggage.

The bag containing the liquids must be transparent, 20cm x 20cm in size, with a ZIP zipper.

Transport of products purchased in Duty Free

These products, when purchased after security checks, are exempt from the aforementioned regulations. This means that they can be carried in your hand luggage, regardless of their size or their state: liquid or solid.

Items and objects prohibited in carry-on baggage per Delta Air Lines policy

Certain items are prohibited in carry-on baggage carried in Delta Air Lines cabins:

Tools: hammers, knives, screwdrivers, sharp elements.

Weapons: ammunition, bullets, firearms, rifles, crossbows, pistols, machine guns.

Chemical substances: acids, aerosols, fire extinguishers, poisons, compressed gases, radioactive materials, dynamite, fuel, inflammables, pyrotechnic material, among others.

– Toys or equipment using lithium-ion batteries.

– Sharp or pointed objects

Items that must absolutely be placed in hand luggage

It is advisable to carry documents and valuable or fragile items, such as notebooks, tablets, e-books, cameras, …, in your luggage or handbag, as Delta Air Lines is not not responsible for any damage that may occur to checked baggage.

Other items accepted in the cabin on Delta Air Lines flights

These are items or devices that some passengers need during the journey, namely: Baby strollers or car seats, wheelchairs and other medical devices such as crutches and canes, …

Prepare your hand luggage: What to put in it?

Carry-on luggage requires you to be aware of what you’re packing, which means you won’t have to lug bulky luggage or excess gear. Even if you fill the case, it’s still a relatively compact package.

It is important that you place your items in a place where you can see everything you want to transport. You can use the bed, the floor, the kitchen or dining room table, whatever you have. Just make sure that in this area you only have the things you want to pack.

You’ll be surprised how helpful it is to see everything holistically. It’s incredible. And it gives you a much better idea of what you will need during your trip. What you take depends on your case: where you are going, for how long, your style of travel, …

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