All about the online check-in service for trips booked with Delta Air Lines

Are you traveling by plane for the first time? or maybe it’s the first time you’re getting ready to fly with Delta Airlines? The travel procedures including check-in on the flight may not be easy. In order not to be accompanied by an additional fear of not completing the formalities, care must be taken to recover the documents and clear customs beforehand.

How does pre-flight check-in work?

Checking in is the first step in air travel and is mandatory for all passengers. During check-in, the documents are registered, the baggage checked, the boarding pass is generated and the security barriers are crossed.

Identity card and/or passport will be checked upon check-in. Although it seems impossible, several passengers have been banned by their airline from boarding because of an invalid document.

Checking in online for a Delta Air Lines flight: What does this process look like?

The whole procedure can be summed up in two or three simple steps:

– First, open the site then find the Check-In tab;

– Secondly, you must complete the electronic form, in which you must provide information such as: surname, first name, identity card/passport number, reservation number;

– Choice of seat: When checking in: It is possible to choose your seat on the plane (in the middle, next to the window (porthole), in front, …);

– After having completed the steps indicated above, the passenger can validate his registration and receive his boarding pass, but before that, he can decide on the mode of delivery: By email, by SMS or print it on paper.

Check-in from the Delta Air Lines mobile app

It is also possible to check in for your Delta Airlines flight from another channel: The mobile application.

This procedure is identical to that of online check-in. You must be in possession of your reservation number which you received in the e-mail sent after the purchase of your plane ticket.

By opening the Fly Delta app, you can check in for your flight with one click, starting 24 hours before your flight departs.

Check-in at the airport: Here are the mandatory steps

If you cannot or do not want to check in online for whatever reason, this service is offered at the airport.

The first steps when arriving at the airport is to go to the check-in counter of your Delta Air Lines airline, then ask the agent to help you complete the procedure by providing the necessary documents including the ticket. airplane and passport and visa.

If you have baggage to carry in the hold, you must check it in as well.

Then there is a security check at the gates. Hand luggage and all metal objects such as watches, coins, belts, jewellery, … must be placed in the tape container. When passing through the gate, officers at the airport check to see if you have other metal objects with you. If the gate beeps, a personal inspection will be required.

After going through the doors, you can collect your belongings, put on your metal accessories and go to the departures hall.

You must show your boarding pass and ID before boarding the plane.

After boarding the plane, it is necessary to find your seat, as indicated on your reservation.

It is important to remember that you must consume or dispose of the food and drink you bring with you before security checkpoints. You cannot bring your own food and drink into the departure hall.

Check-in from an automatic kiosk at the airport

The check-in procedure on a Delta Air Lines flight can be accomplished from a kiosk that is easily managed by the passenger. For this, you absolutely need a passport and an electronic ticket printed in advance or saved on a smartphone or tablet.

To print the boarding pass, you can either scan your passport then the system will display your booking details on screen based on name and allow you to select a seat on the plane if required. The second method consists of manually entering, using the keyboard, the passenger’s first and last name and entering the number of your reservation in the appropriate field, visible on the electronic ticket.

As soon as you collect your boarding pass, you must go to the baggage drop-off point to pass the security check and then proceed to the boarding gate.

Self-service check-in kiosks are available at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport which is the main hub for Delta Air Lines, and several other airports served by the US airline.

Check-in deadlines on Delta Airlines flights

This service is available 24 hours before the flight. At the latest, this can be done 30 minutes before the plane takes off.

Delta Airlines is tough on its passengers, so if you arrive at the airport after the check-in deadline has passed, your plane ticket will be void. There is no way to get on the plane.

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