Special assistance is provided by Cubana de Aviacion to travelers with reduced mobility, and those with special needs

Cubana de Aviación offers a variety of services to passengers with special needs to ensure their comfort and safety during their flight. These services include:

– Wheelchair assistance: Passengers with reduced mobility can request assistance at the airport, which includes assistance with check-in, security and boarding.

– Special seats: Passengers with special needs can request special seats, such as bulkhead seats, which provide more legroom and a more comfortable position.

– Special Meals: Passengers with dietary restrictions can request special meals, such as gluten-free or vegetarian options.

– Assistive devices: Passengers who are hearing or visually impaired may bring assistive devices, such as hearing aids or guide dogs, on board the aircraft.

Cubana de Aviacion provides special and comprehensive assistance to expectant mothers (pregnant women)

Cubana de Aviación, Cuba’s national airline, offers special assistance to pregnant women to ensure their comfort and safety during their flight. This assistance includes several services and amenities to make the experience as pleasant as possible for expectant mothers.

First, pregnant women are allowed to board the plane before other passengers, allowing them to find a comfortable seat and having more time to settle in before takeoff. Pregnant women also have special seats, such as partition seats, which provide more legroom and a more comfortable position.

Cubana de Aviación also provides special assistance to pregnant women with mobility issues. It offers wheelchair assistance to expectant mothers who may have difficulty moving around. This service is available at all airports and can be requested when booking a flight or at the airport.

Additionally, Cuba’s airline encourages pregnant women to contact its customer service center to inform them of their pregnancy and any special requirements they may have during their flight. This will help her provide better service and make the necessary arrangements to ensure the comfort and safety of pregnant women during their flight.

Pregnant women who are at an advanced stage of pregnancy or at risk of complications are advised to consult their doctor before travelling. In these cases, the airline may require a medical certificate from the passenger to ensure that he is fit to fly.

It is important to note that the airline’s policy regarding pregnant women may vary depending on flight duration and stage of pregnancy. Therefore, it is always advisable to check its policy which is as follows:

– Cubana de Aviacion authorizes its passengers to board its flights until the eighth month of their pregnancy and to take their return flight before the expected date of their delivery, which must appear in the certificate issued by their gynecologist

– As for the medical certificate, it must be dated less than five days before the departure of the flight, and must contain information on the state of pregnancy of the passenger, including the expected date of delivery.

Cubana de Aviacion is at the service of minors traveling alone on its flights

Cubana de Aviación offers special services for unaccompanied minors traveling on its aircraft. These services include the possibility of requesting an escort for the child, who will be responsible for accompanying the child to check-in, security and boarding, and will also be responsible for the well-being of the child during the flight. . The airline also requires a parent or guardian to complete a form at check-in with details of the child, including contact details and instructions for the unaccompanied minor. Additionally, the airline may require the parent or guardian to provide a copy of their ID. These measures are taken by the Cuban carrier to ensure the safety and well-being of the unaccompanied minor during their flight.

– Which children are eligible for this service?

All children between the ages of two and twelve years or older are eligible to use Cubana de Aviacion’s unaccompanied minor transportation service, although passengers under the age of five must be accompanied by an adult during their flight.

It is also important to note that the airline of Cuba offers a babysitting service at the arrival airport. To benefit from it, you must pay a supplement corresponding to 100% of the amount of the reservation.

Traveling with animals and pets: Cubana de Aviacion allows you to board the cabin with your guide dog

Cubana de Aviación allows visually impaired passengers to travel with their guide dog in the aircraft cabin. This service is provided to guarantee them the same level of mobility and independence as other passengers during their flight.

When traveling with a guide dog, passengers are required to inform the airline at the time of booking and also provide the necessary documents, such as a certificate of training for the guide dog and a doctor’s letter of the passenger indicating that the guide dog is necessary for their mobility. This documentation must be provided to the airline at least 48 hours before the flight.

Once on board, the guide dog will be seated next to the passenger, either on the floor or on a seat, depending on the size of the dog and the space available. The guide dog will wear a harness and muzzle and will be under the control of the passenger at all times. The guide dog will not be charged for the flight.

It is important to note that the airline has the right to refuse to carry a guide dog if the dog is not in good health or if the behavior of the dog poses a risk to the safety of other passengers. In these cases, the passenger will have the option of traveling with the guide dog on a subsequent flight or traveling without the guide dog.

Cubana de Aviación’s policy of allowing guide dogs in the cabin complies with international regulations and is a clear example of the airline’s commitment to providing equal opportunity and accessibility to all passengers, including including those with visual impairments.

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