Cubana de Aviacion: Online Check-in and Boarding Guide

Checking in on a Cubana de Aviacion flight is a mandatory step to obtain the boarding pass, which is an essential document to be allowed to board the aircraft.

After purchasing a plane ticket from the Cuban airline, you will receive an email containing reservation information including last name and reservation number which is data that helps you access the check-in system. online from Cubana de Aviacion.

Here are the frequency operations that you can perform when checking in online for your flight with the Cuban air carrier:

– Choose a seat

– Add extra baggage

– Order a meal

– Request an upgrade

To check in online, you need to open the home page of the website and then in “My Reservations” enter the passenger’s name and reservation number.

When you confirm your online check-in, the system will suggest that you print the boarding pass on a printer and/or send it with the QR code or barcode by e-mail.

Check-in at the airport

At the airport, with a printed card or a smartphone, you go directly to the security check.

– Final time (Deadline): The entire check-in process must be done at the airport with a minimum of one hundred and twenty minutes (2 hours) before for domestic flights and one hundred and eighty minutes (3 hours) before for international flights.

Baggage check-in at the airport

Checked baggage differs from hand baggage in size and weight, as it is subject to numerous checks. Such a suitcase may contain items that would not necessarily be allowed on board an aircraft.

Checked baggage screening is aimed at finding certain explosives or prohibited substances, such as drugs. Passengers’ suitcases must be placed on a conveyor belt which guides the baggage through a special security screening machine. This device performs an X-ray scan to check what is in the suitcase. The projected image is then compared to known explosives and prohibited substances.

So, if the control is positive, the luggage is directed to the sorting office. Then the airport staff moves our suitcase into the baggage hold of our plane. When you arrive at your destination, you can pick up your suitcases at the baggage belt (carousel). Most often, the process of loading the plane and parking it on the airport tarmac takes about thirty to forty minutes.

Boarding the Cubana de Aviacion plane: The other steps to take

The security check is a stage of the journey after the check-in of checked baggage. To be admitted to control, you must have a boarding pass and show it to the gate agent for verification. After this initial check, the traveler is directed to the security check.

When checking in for a flight online, the boarding pass can be emailed to the recipient for later printing. You can also request an electronic boarding pass, the link of which will be sent to you by e-mail or as a short SMS message.

The boarding pass: what document does it contain and what is it for?

Boarding a Cubana De Aviacion aircraft may not be possible in any case. In addition to the purchase of a ticket in paper or electronic form, a so-called boarding pass is required to confirm the fact of the flight. It is in this that the main information is indicated, which is then used when generating the report. Even if purchased digitally, its hard copy original is required.

The Cubana de Aviacion boarding pass contains the passenger’s name and flight information:

– Name of the airline;

– Information on the boarding gate number at the airport;

– Departure and arrival cities;

– Flight numbers;

– Departure time;

– Landing time;

– Boarding group number and seat number and row.

Losing the boarding pass: How to intervene?

If you have not yet passed through passport control, you must return to the airline check-in counter and reprint your ticket at the kiosk or ask an employee at the check-in counter if there is no kiosks available. If you have already passed through passport control, you must go to the gate and ask the gate manager to print your boarding pass.

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