Sports equipment on board Copa Airlines flights: Transport costs

Copa Airlines accepts the transport of your equipment and sports equipment on board its planes. The service is available on all Panamanian airline flights for a fee.

When transporting your sports equipment, you must ensure that it does not exceed the maximum weight and size limits established by Copa Airlines. The maximum weight of each piece of baggage or its maximum size must comply with those of the allowance offered to the passenger.

A fee of 180 USD is charged if the number of parts allowed in the allowance, their weights or their dimensions are exceeded.

A discount of 30 USD is applied for the benefit of passengers who are members of ConnectMiles, PreferMember and Star Alliance Gold.

List of sports equipment allowed on board Copa Air aircraft

Equipment for archery, bowling, camping, fishing, golf, paintball, skydiving and tennis.

Sports Equipment (light) Number of accessories
Archery equipment All in a case: bows, quivers (with arrows and maintenance kit)
Bowling equipment Bag with a ball + pair of shoes
Camping equipment Accessories: Tent, backpack, sleeping bag, vinyl items, cotton, plastic/fabric, straps, buckles, metal and aluminum frames

Fishing equipment

Accessories: 2 fishing rods, 1 reel, 1 landing net, 1 pair of fishing boots, 1 fishing box.
Golf equipment Bag containing 14 golf clubs + 12 balls + 1 pair of shoes
Paintball Equipment

Paintball equipment Rigid case (not lockable) containing the marker and paintball pellets

Gas compressors and air tank emptied

Regulator shipped separately

Parachuting Equipment One bag per passenger
Tennis Equipment A maximum of 2 rackets and 6 tennis balls packed in a single bag

 Check-in of large sports equipment

Such as bicycles, snorkeling equipment, kitesurfing, … They can be checked in the holds of Copa Airlines planes knowing that their transport is subject to fees ranging from $50 to $150, knowing that their weight and dimensions are limited respectively to 45 Kg (100 Pounds) and 294cm (115 Inches).

The table below lists the different types and models of sports equipment and their accessories with which passengers can travel on Copa Airlines flights, including the costs associated with their transport:

Sports equipment (heavy/large) Number of parts and accessories Fees
Bike/Bicycle Sports bike (single seat racing): 1 item

Motorized bicycle: Not accepted

Accessories (chains, screws, brakes, …): They must be stored in a plastic bag

Diving equipment Accepted accessories: empty tank, regulator, mask with snorkel, crossbow, wetsuit, weight belt. /
Inflatable Kayaks Need to deflate and wrap it /
Kitesurfing Accepted accessories: Kite, directional bar, harness, board and ropes. 50 USD (on domestic flights)
100 USD (on flights to or with a stopover in Panama)
Paddle board Only one item accepted;

Mandatory reservation by telephone (48 hours before departure);

Accepted only on board the following aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 9, 737-700 and 737-800.

Pole vault

Only one item is accepted per passenger

Weight/Dimensions: 45kg (90 lbs), 294cm (115″)

Ski equipment

A pair of snow/water skis, snowshoes, boots, poles and skis;

A mask, snowboard and wakeboard.

Surf and bodyboard equipment

Number of items accepted: Up to three per passenger placed in a single crate;

Reservation by phone in advance: 48 hours before the flight;

Items accepted on Boeing 737 MAX 9, 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft only.


Maximum Height/Dimensions (Length): 115″ (294kg);

Accepted accessories: mast, sail, mounting kit.

Other Restrictions

Items accepted as checked baggage only (prohibited in the cabin): Bows, arrows and javelins; Ski poles; Baseball bat; golf balls and clubs; fishing reels; pool sticks; exercise bands and free weights.


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