Changing and modifying flight reservations through Copa Airlines’s Manage my Booking service

Copa Airlines, the flag carrier of Panama, offers a complete online reservation management service. This service is designed to make the process of managing a flight reservation as easy and convenient as possible, and includes a range of features and options to meet the needs of any traveller.

One of the main features of this service is the possibility of modifying or changing the reservation data including the departure date, route, departure airport or destination.

Accessible from the Copa Airlines website (Mange Trip) or from its mobile application, this service allows customers to change their reservations in a few simple steps. The Copa Airlines website or mobile app is easy to navigate and provides detailed information on flight times, prices and routes. Customers can also use this service to check in online, select their seats, …

Cancel your Copa Airlines flight ticket reservation from home (online)

Another important aspect of Copa Airlines’ reservation management service is the ability to make changes or cancellations to existing reservations. A self-service option is offered where customers can make changes to their itinerary, such as changing the date or time of their flight, or canceling their booking altogether.

This service is available 24/7 and customers can make changes even within 24 hours of their flights departing.

What are the charges for changing your Copa Airlines flight reservation?

The cost of changing a flight reservation on Copa Airlines may vary depending on the type of fare and the destination of the flight.

For most economy fares, there is a fee to make changes to the itinerary. Fees start at $50 per segment, plus any fare difference.

For business class fares, changes can be made free of charge, but any fare difference will be charged.

However, if a customer wishes to change their flight date or destination, the fare difference will be applied. If the new fare is lower than the original fare, the difference will not be refunded.

It is important to note that certain fare types, such as non-refundable or promotional fares, may have more restrictive change policies and may not be eligible for changes or refunds.

It is also important to note that if a customer cancels their flight, cancellation charges may apply. These charges are usually a percentage of the total fare and may vary depending on the fare type and route.

You are advised to check the fare conditions and change policies of your booking before making any changes, and contact Copa Airlines Customer Service or your travel agent for any additional information or assistance.

Here are the fare conditions applied by Copa Airlines according to the type of plane ticket:

Fares (classes) Economy


Type of change

Basic Classic Full Promo Full
Change of reservation Chargeable Free (*) Free Free (*)


Change on departure day (same day)




Change selected seat


*: Passengers are entitled to make changes to their booking free of charge only once, at least eight days before departure.

Correction or change of name: Copa Airlines has its own policy

Copa Airlines also has a policy regarding name changes on reservations. This policy is in place to ensure that the correct passenger boards the flight and to avoid any identity verification issues at the airport.

Generally, Copa Airlines allows name changes on bookings for free or for a fee (depending on their booking fare). The amount of the charge will depend on the type of fare purchased, as well as the destination and date of travel. For example, the fee for a name change on a domestic flight in Panama may be lower than the fee for an international flight. Additionally, fees may be waived or reduced for certain types of passengers, such as military personnel or those with elite status in the Copa Airlines Frequent Flyer Program.

To make a first name/last name correction (maximum 3 characters) on a Copa Airlines reservation, passengers will need to contact the airline’s customer service department. The name change request can usually be made over the phone or online (by completing this form and will require the passenger to provide identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify their identity. Once the name change is approved and the fee paid, the passenger will receive a new flight itinerary with the updated name.

It is important to note that name changes on Copa Airlines reservations may not be possible for certain fare types, such as non-refundable or promotional fares.

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