Airline ticket booking to take a Copa Airlines flight

Planning a flight with Copa Airlines? You have several channels to buy your plane ticket and book your flight with Panama Airlines.

Book your flight ticket online

By using the Internet as a means of purchase, you save the additional cost that a travel agency could charge you, you also have the flexibility to buy on the day and at the time you want: you can buy your plane tickets at midnight, during the weekend, …

Buy one or more plane tickets comfortably from home. You only need to have an Internet connection, a computer or smartphone and a credit card to pay for your reservation.

By going to its website, you can sort the flight offers by refining the search via the booking form, with the following criteria: Departure airport, destination, flight day (round trip), promotional code, travel class (Economy, Business).

Once this data is provided, the corresponding offers are displayed in a single page. You choose your ticket according to the departure time that suits you best or according to the best price you will find.

Finding the air ticket that suits you, you can proceed to the payment of the costs of its purchase, the total cost of which is indicated in the booking page. There are several options for this: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, UATP, Discover, Upflit and Diners Club.

– Set your payment for additional services

Among which are the choice of a seat, priority boarding, additional baggage, special meals, …

– Total transparency of booking prices

It is important to note that when you book your flight ticket on the official website of your Copa Airlines airline, the price displayed will be the final price. You therefore avoid paying additional commissions as is the case for reservations made via intermediary websites.

Reservation payment validated, what next?

As soon as you complete the payment stage, you will receive your plane ticket in your e-mail box. You can then print it or save it to your smartphone to print it later.

Save on the cost of the reservation: Practical advice

Advance flight booking is one of the essential aspects to be able to find the cheapest tickets and avoid the gradual increase in costs to which they are exposed.

Be flexible in travel dates, to be able to adapt to the cheapest schedules pre-established by the companies.

– Buy plane tickets at cheaper fares? Make the reservation in advance

Do you like to travel around the world, but usually choose the economy option? It turns out that one of the basic ways to save money is to buy plane tickets well in advance. The closer the departure date, the more expensive the tickets become.

– When is the best time to buy flight tickets from Copa Air?

It is best to book your plane tickets at least three weeks in advance. This is when air carriers including Copa Airlines operating in US airports offer the best prices.

If you don’t want to pay too much, you should book your flight on the weekend, more precisely on Sunday. You can save up to 10%. for international flights.

You should start your trip on Thursday or Friday. By booking a hotel on Friday evening, you can pay less than customers who will be looking for accommodation on other days of the week.

Plan your winter vacation. You can then save up to 10% compared to organized summer flights.

– Buy tickets in fall or winter

By planning your vacation outside of typical months, you can buy the cheapest airfare, spend less on accommodations, and avoid the crowds all at the same time.

– Be flexible when you want to book a flight

If you are going on vacation, do not specify a specific day of departure. In this way, you will be able to consult the offers of the airline Copa Airlines and choose the most advantageous offer.

Do not plan your departures during the holiday season. Not only is it then more difficult to obtain a plane ticket, but the flights are also more expensive.

Buy your Copa Airlines plane tickets by phone

At Copa Airlines, you can book your flight through two channels: Online (website, app), and by phone.

You can contact the customer service of this airline by telephone whose number is as follows: 217 COPA (2672).

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