Canceling a flight reservation with Caribbean Airlines? Find out how to request a refund

Because travel plans can change at any time, Caribbean Airlines also offers a Travel Protection Plan that can help protect against unexpected expenses. The plan covers things like trip cancellation, interruption, and delay due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Caribbean Airlines Flight Ticket Refund Policy

Some air tickets issued by this airline are refundable, while others do not give access to this right:

Fares Lite Classic Biz Flex Biz Flex
Possibility of refund Non refundable 50% Refundable 100% Refundable

Cases where it is possible to obtain a full refund regardless of the booking rate chosen

Caribbean Airlines will refund you in full if:

– You cancel within 24 hours of purchase

If you cancel after this time, the airline will partially refund you. The amount of the refund will depend on the fare type and other factors.

– Death or illness of a loved one requiring hospitalization

Parents and Grandparents, Fathers/sisters, Spouses and Children, Legal Guardian.

The following documents are required to justify your decision to cancel your air ticket. They must be attached to your reimbursement request file:

– Hospitalization certificate + a document proving that you are responsible for the person who fell ill

– Death certificate + proof of parentage

Important: In order to preserve your right to reimbursement, you must cancel your flight ticket reservation before departure.

Where to submit a refund request?

Customers can call the airline’s customer service department or visit its website to submit a refund request, or approach any of its offices or outlets to file their request.

If you purchased your ticket from a travel agency, you should ask them to help you with your claim for reimbursement from Caribbean Airlines.

How to request a refund of the booking fee for a partially used ticket?

Caribbean Airlines will offer customers a refund for partially used tickets. The amount of the refund will depend on the fare type and other factors. However, customers must meet certain conditions:

– Provide proof of immigration status

– Prove that they have booked another flight to leave the country at a later date

– Provide a work or residence permit or certificate of registration at a university, school, …

– The request for reimbursement must be filed within less than one year from the date of issue of the ticket.

Other conditions to be met:

– The request for reimbursement must be filed within a period of less than one year from the date of issue of the ticket.

– You have sixty days after your departure date to submit your refund request.

Other reimbursable expenses

Certain passengers such as babies and people aged sixty or over are exempt from paying and settling certain fees, namely:

– On scheduled flights departing from airports in the United States

Security service feeUS;

International arrival/departure tax;

Installation costs.

– On flights served from Canada

Airport improvement fees;

Air transport passenger security charge;

Harmonized Sales Tax.

All passengers exempt from payment of the fees listed above:

– Passengers aged 60 or over

– Passengers booking a flight with a stopover in Trinidad and Tobago whose stopover duration is less than two days 48 hours;

– Children under the age of five;

– Active military (in Trinidad and Tobago) or members of the armed forces from other countries (engaged in official missions);

– Crew members belonging to an airline or shipping company.

What is the deadline for requesting a refund of these taxes?

You have up to sixty days from your departure date to request reimbursement of these costs from Caribbean Airlines. Your request should be submitted to the Trinidad and Tobago Airline E-Business Help Desk.

– Plane ticket issued by a travel agency

It is your tour operator who must take charge of the procedure for claiming reimbursement of passenger fees.

Important: Refunds will be processed using the same method of payment (Credit card, cash, check, …)

The passenger generally receives his reimbursement within a maximum period of fifteen (15) days from the date of submission of his file, which must contain all the documents and supporting documents necessary to avoid any risk of refusal or rejection.

Track the refund request: Stay up-to-date on its status

If your refund request has already been filed, you can find out about its status by sending an email to this address: This service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Filing a claim for reimbursement: Through which channel?

– Contact form: Click Here.

By phone: By calling this number 1.868.669.3000

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