Claim missing miles on Caribbean Airlines flights

If you lose miles in your Caribbean Miles loyalty program account, the first step is to contact the program’s customer service team. They can help you find the cause and restore missing miles.

Possible reasons for the loss may include technical problems, errors in account tracking or fraudulent activities or simply passengers forgetting to enter their frequent flyer number in the booking form for their flights or any other service offered by Caribbean Airlines.

To avoid losing miles, it is recommended that you regularly check your account balance, track your earned miles, keep your account information up to date.

Using the tools and resources available on the program website can also help you manage your miles.

Claim missing miles in the Caribbean Miles loyalty program

Many customers have reported missing miles from their accounts, which can be a frustrating experience. But don’t worry, there are ways to claim missing miles from the Caribbean Miles program.

To avoid losing miles in the future, customers should regularly check their account balance and keep track of miles earned through various activities. This will help them detect any anomalies in their account and report them to the customer service team.

Customers should also keep their account information up-to-date, including contact information and travel itinerary. This will help the Caribbean Miles team accurately track their miles and avoid account tracking errors.

Miles missing from your frequent flyer account? Ask for help from Caribbean Miles customer service

The first step is to contact the Caribbean Miles customer service team. The team will investigate the issue and restore the missing miles, if possible. It’s important to provide all relevant information about your account and travel history to the Customer Service team to help resolve the issue.

– Send your request by email:

– By Phone: Call Caribbean Miles customer service: Consult the numbers to dial:


Phone Number

Trinidad and Suriname

+ 1 868 625 5540 / 7200

+1 868 660 7200

USA & Canada

+1 800 920 4225 / +1 800 523 5585
St Maarten

+1 800 920 4225

Caribbean and Guyana

+1 800 744 2225

+ 1 800 523 5585 (International) / 888 359 2475 (Local)


+(599) 9 788-9959
Grand Cayman

(345) 769-4071

Other Caribbean countries

+ 1 800 744 2225

+ 58 212 762 0231 / 4349 / 4478

In summary, to troubleshoot missing miles in a frequent flyer account, follow these steps:

– Contact the airline Caribbean Miles: Contact customer service and ask about it. Provide your flight details and account information.

– Check airline policy: Review your carrier’s policy regarding missing miles and determine if there are specific procedures to follow.

– Provide supporting documentation: such as flight receipts or boarding passes, to help resolve the issue.

– Be persistent: If the problem is not resolved immediately, follow up with the airline and persist in finding a solution.

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