Lost or damaged baggage: What to claim from Caribbean Airlines?

Losing your luggage at the airport is one of the biggest fears of every traveler. A real nightmare that can happen more times than you think. losing the suitcase, or that it arrives damaged, is a recurring case, but the traveler has rights that are almost always unknown.

If this damage occurs during your trip with the Caribbean airline, the right to receive compensation for damage, delay or loss of baggage. However, the amount can vary considerably if you do not have certain documents (mentioned below)

When our baggage is lost or arrives damaged, a PIR (Baggage Irregularity Report) must be completed, reporting the situation to the lost and found office at the airport. Immediately after, we have to file a claim with the airline.

The deadline is short, so it is better to do it as soon as possible:

– If your suitcase has been damaged, the claim must be made within 7 days of the occurrence of the event.

– If your bag has therefore been delayed, the claim must be made within 21 days of the date the bag was delivered.

Report the problem to the airport

If you notice that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived at all, you should report to the airport information desk – preferably the lost baggage desk, which is usually located in the arrivals hall. Do not forget to take elements confirming your arrival, ie a boarding pass stub, an identity card, a baggage receipt.

Then the staff will ask you to fill in the PIR, ie the Baggage Irregularity Report. Remember to keep a copy, because it will be necessary to file a complaint. It is good to know that the point employee at the airport only accepts the notification, and it is then up to you to complete the formalities and file an appropriate complaint. It is important to meet deadlines.

What to ask Caribbean Airlines in this situation?

If the Baggage is delayed, you have the right to claim reimbursement of the costs incurred while waiting for the Baggage. This suitcase is always delivered to the address that the user wants, and if he has to go to the airport, the airline must cover all these costs.

If, on the other hand, the luggage has been lost, you are entitled to request the payment of a daily allowance to purchase all the basic necessities included in the suitcase. That is, personal hygiene products or clothing. You must therefore keep the receipts at all times so that the compensation is calculated correctly. In doing so, you are entitled to reimbursement of said items, but not those of products that are not essential.

Passengers are protected in the event of loss of baggage while traveling with Caribbean Airlines

The Montreal Convention counting one hundred and thirty six states including the Caribbean, protects passengers whose luggage has been delayed or broken during an international flight.

Victim passengers have the right to seek compensation of $2,200 from the airline. This will depend on the value of the luggage, so it is important to keep the receipts for the products purchased and which are inside the suitcase, as well as the luggage tag, with the number and weight. It is also mandatory to present the PIR.

Otherwise, the company will calculate the value of the baggage itself based on its weight.

Does your luggage contain valuable or valuable items?

It is worth thinking about it in advance. If you know that you will be taking valuable items with you, it is worth noting this and writing a special declaration of interest in delivery before checking in your baggage. He may charge a supplement for this, although this is not mandatory. The letter indicates the value of the suitcase. In the event of loss of luggage, the carrier is obliged to return the declared amount.

Delayed baggage: Caribbean Airlines must offer you a daily allowance

In the event of delayed baggage, you are entitled to a daily allowance for the purchase of basic necessities. For this purpose, you will have to submit a special request to the carrier. You can also buy what you need yourself and request a refund later. Remember though that these will only be paid on the basis of receipts.

Baggage lost at the Airport: When should you file a claim with Caribbean Airlines?

Before formally filing a claim, Caribbean Airlines asks you to wait a week. A secondary search will be launched during this time, and if your baggage is found, you will be contacted directly by the customer service of your airline operator.

File a complaint with Caribbean Airlines Customer Service

Remember that completing the PIR does not mean filing a complaint. In each of the three cases, you must write it in person before the deadline indicated above. It must be submitted in writing – to the email address provided, by post or using the complaint form provided by the carrier.

What should be included in the complaint (complaint)? Be sure to include all the details and accurately describe the situation. Don’t forget to also add attachments:

– Flight details,

– PIR report,

– Baggage check,

– Receipts for the items in the suitcase and the suitcase itself,

– The amount of the claims, the form of compensation and your bank details – including the IBAN code.

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  1. Erwin Isman

    I have made and send 3 times of complaints regarding my lost luggage in Georgetown on 22nd of April 2023 with unique claim numbers were 910620748, 910622357, 910623237 but the it looks like replied were sent by automatic reply system and kept saying that “Maximum processing time for claims is twenty one (21) day from the date of receipt”. How long shall I wait to get the compensation from Caribbean Airlines?
    I had send all copy of documents needed to Customer Experience Team but still no decision made yet from Caribbean Airlines.
    Please give me some explanations and clear solution because I am still waiting for it.

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