File a claim against Caribbean Airlines (cancelled flight, delay, lost luggage, etc.)

Before taking their flights with Caribbean Airlines, passengers wish that their trip with the Trinidad & Tobago airline will take place in optimal conditions, but unfortunately, sometimes things do not go as planned, and passengers are faced with a stressful situation, either because their flight was canceled or delayed, or neither, it may be a problem relating to the delivery of baggage: So many passengers find their luggage; upon their arrival; in poor condition.

Late flight: What happens in such a situation?

Caribbean Airlines must offer passengers an alternative flight and, in certain cases, travelers can file a complaint and seek compensation.

Canceled flight: What to claim from Caribbean Airlines?

Canceling a flight can cause a number of problems for passengers. So, in order to help them reduce their stress at the airport, the airline Caribbean Airlines must take care of them and offer them the appropriate care (Meals / snacks, communication solution and accommodation)

You should know that in case of flight cancellation by this air carrier, the passenger has several rights. He can cancel the trip and request a refund of the full price of the ticket. Otherwise, he can stay at the airport and wait for his airline to offer him an alternative transport solution (replacement flight).

It is important to note that if a transfer is scheduled as part of a booking and the flight is canceled after part of the journey has already been completed, the carrier must reimburse them for any costs incurred and provide them with a return free to where they flew from.

Flight overbooking

Do you have a valid ticket, but were you denied boarding due to overbooking? You can file a complaint against Caribbean Airlines.

If you volunteer to leave your seat to another passenger, you can in return claim compensation from your airline.

Defend and protect your rights: File a complaint with Caribbean Airlines Customer Service

With the timely submission of a well-written complaint to the airline for a flight delay or a complaint to the tour operator, if the tickets were purchased through it, you can get a full refund, as well as service free, if the circumstances favor it.

The main reason for filing a complaint with the airline of Trinidad & Tobago as a whole is the cancellation or delay of a flight through no fault of the passenger. That is, changes in the departure schedule due to force majeure in the airline itself.

Make a complaint request

Be sure to ask the airport to put a flight delay/cancellation/overbooking mark on your ticket, take a picture of the information board, if possible, get contact details for your fellow travelers – you will have need all of this if you need to resolve the issue of a refund in the courtroom.

How to file a complaint with Caribbean Airlines?

In accordance with applicable law, filing a claim with your air carrier for a delay is a mandatory pre-trial step to resolve the situation.

– File your claim online

This airline provides its customers with an online form. The introductory part of the document indicates the name and legal address of the legal person to which the appeal is submitted, as well as from whom it comes exactly. Among the passenger data, his full name, address and telephone number are required.

The main part of the text is a statement of the circumstances of the situation with the date, flight number, estimated and actual departure time. Before drawing up a claim, it is necessary to prepare documents on the basis of which you will make certain claims, as well as evidence of direct losses caused in the amount you requested.

What if you booked your flight through a travel agency?

In case of inconvenience, you must proceed from the place where you purchased the ticket. That is, the request must first be submitted to the tour operator.

Make a claim for your lost or damaged baggage

If you are the victim of such damage, you can file a complaint with your air operator using the online form or by calling its customer relations department.

Make a claim for your lost or damaged baggage

If you are the victim of such damage, you can file a complaint with your air operator using the online form or by calling its customer relations department.

High value items in your luggage? Caribbean Airlines disclaims all liability in the event of disappearance, loss or damage to such elements, namely: Money, jewels and precious stones, silver objects, title documents, personal or professional documents, books & manuscripts, professional samples, works of art, irreplaceable objects, professional equipment, …

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