Manage booking: Breeze Airways service to modify or change flight tickets

Travel plans may change at any time, including flight reservations. You must learn to react quickly and be prepared for the unexpected.

See something wrong after confirming your flight ticket reservation with Breeze Airways? This situation often occurs. Many passengers discover that they have made a mistake when booking their flight, either by choosing the wrong date or the wrong starting point or even the wrong destination. Worse still, some travelers realize that they have misspelled their first or last names, so they have to correct them before checking in on the flight.

If you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, Breeze Airways invites you to modify your reservation online, on its website or through its mobile application.

Change of flight: Still possible? What fees does Breezy Airways apply?

Air tickets issued by Breeze Airlines are not all changeable, but the airline authorizes its passengers who have booked tickets with fares that do not include an option to change, to change or modify them within the first 24 hours that track their purchase. All changes made to the reservation during this period are free of charge, and do not depend on the fare chosen by the passenger.

On the other hand, requests for modifications or changes to flight tickets filed with Breeze Airways outside this period are possible according to the fare selected by the passenger, and for a fee which varies between $75 and $150. The fees to be paid are fixed according to the fare, route and destination of travel.

Important: The flight ticket prices offered by the airline Breeze Airways do not include a refund option, however, passengers are entitled to a refund of the full amount of their flight ticket provided they cancel it at least seven days (168 hours) before departure.

– Flight canceled 15 minutes before takeoff time?

Even if you were one of the unfortunate passengers who find themselves forced to cancel their flight at the last minute, know that Breeze Airways adopts a very customer-friendly policy by helping passengers to get their booking refunded in a different way.

Passengers are entitled to receive their reimbursement in the form of BreezePoints.

– Correction/change of surname and first name

A complete name change is not possible in any case. Breeze Airways only authorizes the rectification or correction of spelling errors on airline tickets.

No fees are charged by the low cost airline, however, this operation cannot take place online, but by telephone only, by contacting a customer advisor.

If you feel that this procedure is complicated or that you are having problems logging into your customer account, you can contact the Breezy Airways customer service team, who are available to provide you with the assistance and support necessary for the correct time for you. Call 1-866-939-0429.

Flight or delayed by Breeze Airways: Is it possible to modify the reservation?

If your flight with Breeze Airways does not depart on time or does not depart at all. it is best to manage the disruption knowing your passenger rights and rebooking resources.

In such a situation, you will often be asked to modify your departure schedule (free of charge), or agree to be redirected to an aircraft deployed to the same destination to which you are traveling. It’s up to you to make the decision that’s right for you. In the meantime, the airline must provide you with full support including food, communication and accommodation.

From five hours of cumulative delay on your connection exceeds five hours, you will be entitled to cancel your flight and request a full refund of airfare, with a return flight to your point of departure in the event of a connection.

Manage your reservations with Breezy Airways with complete peace of mind

Go to the My Trips space and enter your email address and the other details required to connect to your account. At any time and without moving, you can:

– View your flight details and submit a request for any qualified changes through Manage My Booking.

– Choose or modify your initial seat selection (or request a specific seat, …)

– Buy one or more excesses to improve your standard baggage allowance

– Select/add meals you want to eat during the trip

– Check the details of your reservation including the departure airport and the arrival airport at the destination, travel time, …

– Check personal details including surname, first name, date of birth, …

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