Flying as an unaccompanied minor with Breeze Airways: Discover its conditions

It’s rare for a child to fly alone, but if it’s unavoidable, they can fly alone with Breeze Airways. But what about a toddler or a teenager? According to the rules of the American airline, a child over the age of 13 can travel alone on a flight served by this airline operator while a child between the ages of 5 and 13 can only travel with an adult.

Passengers over 13 and under 18 are entitled to take one, provided they check in at the airport (and provide their ID to the gate agent).

Before booking a ticket for a child who plans to travel alone with Breeze Airways, it is worth contacting their customer service beforehand (48 hours in advance) to find out more about the specific service provided by the air carrier to little unaccompanied minors travellers.

Documents required for passengers traveling alone on a Breeze Airways flight

Parents or guardians whose children are traveling alone are required to complete a special document which can be obtained at the Breeze Airways airline offices or directly at the check-in counter at the airport. A child traveling by plane without their parents also benefits from putting on a special neck bag containing their passport, boarding pass and other documents.

How is the journey of an unaccompanied minor?

Whenever the child must be accompanied to the airport by a parent or other legal guardian. This obligation is now clarified. Therefore, it is necessary for a parent or guardian to remain at the airport until the flight has taken off. Just in case there is a possibility of unforeseen flight cancellation.

For all small passengers traveling with Breeze Airways, the carrier has prepared a special check-in counter. You must present yourself at this counter no later than sixty minutes (one hour) before departure for international flights. For domestic flights, this time is half an hour (30 minutes).

From this moment on, your child will be cared for by a qualified floor planner. Treatments will continue until boarding. A child traveling by plane without their parents will go through expedited passport control with a representative of the airport staff. In addition, the child will have to pass a security check, during which he will board before the other passengers.

Care of the child during the flight

In the cabin, the child will be cared for by Breeze Airways flight attendants, from the time of take-off until the aircraft lands. In addition, after landing, the ground staff at the destination airport will pick your child up on the plane and help carry their luggage. And then he will accompany it to the exit and hand it over only to the person designated by you, of course, after verifying his identity.

Assistance and care of unaccompanied minors: How much does this service cost at Breeze Airways?

This service is chargeable. The cost of purchasing assistance when your child is traveling alone is set at $150 per trip.

What document should a child traveling alone by plane bring?

All minors traveling outside the United States must have the following ordinary travel documents:

– Valid identity document for traveling outside the national territory, or valid passport

– Minors under the age of eighteen who are going to travel abroad, unaccompanied by one of their legal representatives, will need, in addition to their valid identity document or passport, a declaration signed by the parents or guardians of authorization to travel outside the national territory.

How does the unaccompanied minor transport service work on Breeze Airways flights?

Once you have booked your flight following the procedure, you go to the airport. The minor is welcomed by the staff at the check-in counter who will take care of him and entrust him to the hostess or steward who will follow him for the duration of the flight. Children are entrusted exclusively to the person indicated by the parents, on presentation of a document and are constantly monitored by the flight personnel both on the plane and at the airport.

On board your child will be seated close to the crew so that they can receive the necessary assistance during the flight, for example each time they have to get up to go to the toilet or something else. And once down, he will be accompanied directly by relatives or contacts waiting. The most modern technologies also allow you to receive take-off and landing notifications by SMS or via an app.

For maximum security, you can take your child to the aircraft door using the accompanying document provided by the ground staff. You will still be asked for proof of identity such as a passport or identity card.

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