Online flight check-in: What is Breeze Airways policy?

Breeze Airways allows its passengers to obtain the boarding pass by checking in for their flight online or at the airport.

Online check-in: what is it for?

Passengers choosing to check in for Breeze Airways flights online can obtain their boarding passes before going to the airport, which means saving valuable time at the airport.

This service was created to speed up the check-in procedure for passengers who wish to avoid annoying and tiring queues.

How do I check in online for a Breeze Airways flight?

To check in and obtain your boarding pass, you must have the reservation code and airport information for your outbound or inbound flight. The reservation code or reference appears in the confirmation email you receive after the reservation has been made.

The data indicated above (Last Name and Confirmation Number) must be entered in the boxes of the connection form.

After filling in the requested fields, all that remains is to select the seat and confirm the registration. At the end of the procedure, you can choose whether you prefer to obtain your boarding pass on paper in PDF format, or save it on your smartphone or tablet.

Check-in deadline: When to do this process?

Passengers can check in between 24 hours and 60 minutes on international flights, and up to 45 minutes on domestic flights.

Check-in at the airport via automatic terminals

Breeze Airways is offering an innovative new service at Cottonwood Heights Airport. Passengers can use the self-check-in baggage service at this US airport and check in their baggage quickly and flexibly at a self-service kiosk.

With fully automated baggage drop kiosks, passengers can check in quickly and securely. The kiosks allow passengers to check in their baggage faster than at the counter.

Passengers using this service will have more independence and flexibility when traveling with the airline Breeze Airways.

– Online seat selection

The system automatically assigns a seat to passengers on the plane, but making a change is very simple. After clicking on the Change Seat button, a diagram of the aircraft cabin will be displayed on the screen, helping you to choose a new seat by clicking on the selected chair.

Arriving at the airport: And now what?

Passengers checked in online can collect their card free of charge at the airport check-in counter or at the self-service counters. People traveling with baggage must still check it in. Nevertheless, online check-in makes sense you can easily choose a seat and see the seating arrangement on the plane, which is especially useful for less frequent fliers. In addition, people without checked baggage can save a few minutes.

Baggage check-in at the airport

If you are also traveling with checked baggage, you will need to:

– Arrive at the airport at least two hours before the boarding gate closes. For intercontinental flights, it is advisable to get to the airport even three hours in advance.

– Proceed to the airline counter to drop off your checked baggage by presenting your ID and boarding pass.

– Then, present yourself at the security checkpoints with your travel documents (plane ticket and boarding pass, visa if necessary)

– Go to the boarding gate and stand in line with the document and boarding pass in hand.

Traveling with hand luggage only?

In this case, you are invited to use Breeze Airways’ online check-in service, which allows people traveling with hand luggage only to avoid arriving early and having to queue in front of the airline’s counter airline to retrieve their boarding passes.

Therefore, if you are traveling only with hand luggage and with the boarding pass already printed at home after online check-in, you must:

Arrive at the airport at least one hour before the gate closes.

Check on your boarding pass the terminal from which your flight will depart, especially if you will be taking your flight from a major airport.

You enter the terminal, you will have to go immediately to the screens showing the departing flights and search for your flight, to be sure not to make a mistake, in addition to the time and destination, also check the flight number ,

The boarding gate will be indicated next to the flight. If there is still no door number written on it, don’t panic, you can always go to the security checkpoint, you will read it later.

Now proceed to security checks then proceed to the gate and line up with your ID and boarding pass in hand.

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