Breeze Airways Policy: All About Baggage Allowance, Weight and Dimensions Rules and Requirements

In its conditions of carriage, Breeze Airways specifies the baggage weight limit for each person, including the fees to be paid for taking it into the cabin or checking it in the hold, and which of course differ according to the price of the reservation:

Nice Fare: Baggage allowance allowed on

– Short-haul flights (domestic)

Each of the airline’s customers can carry one piece of baggage in the cabin for $20 (+ a free item, such as a handbag) and check in up to three pieces of baggage in the hold for the same amount ($20 per piece).

– Medium and long haul flights (regional/international)

Additional charges are applied on long-distance flights:

  • Carry-on baggage: Transport costs can reach $29
  • Checked baggage: The fees to be paid to check in on:

1st piece: $35

2nd piece: $40

3rd piece: $50

Nicer Fare

Traveling on the Nicer fare on any Breeze Airways itinerary entitles you to a (free) allowance of:

  • One (1) Cabin baggage
  • One (1) Checked baggage


Traveling with the Nicest fare on any Breeze Airways route entitles you to an allowance of:

  • One (1) carry-on bag
  • Two (2) checked baggage

Weights and dimensions: The limits to be respected

  • In Cabin (Hand Luggage)

Carry-on measurements must conform to the following dimensions: 22 x 14 x 10 inches

  • In the hold

The maximum size of a checked bag is 62 inches while its weight is limited to 50 pounds.

If the baggage allowance granted to you by Breeze Airways is not enough for you, you can improve it, for a fee:

Extra Baggage (Weights and Dimensions)

Excess fees
Between 51 and 71 pounds


Between 71 and 99 pounds

Between 63 and 80 inches


Note: Each piece of baggage exceeding a weight of 99 pounds or dimensions of 80 inches is refused at check-in.

Liquids/powders in hand luggage? Breeze Airways Regulations and Policy

Restrictions on the amount of products you carry in your hand luggage apply not only to liquids but also to gels, creams, aerosols, oils and others of similar consistency.

There is a formula so that you can carry liquids in your hand luggage when you travel by plane, it works for all your flights that you will take with Breeze Airways no matter the destination or the airport from which you take off or to which you fly away.

– Carry liquids in hand luggage

All liquids (gels, creams, aerosols, oils and similar consistency) must be contained in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.

The maximum amount of liquids in hand luggage is 1 litre. This means that adding container capacity, the maximum amount of liquids and the like you can carry is 1 litre. You are free to have containers of different capacities and materials as long as each container does not exceed 100ml and the sum of all does not exceed 1L.

You must place containers of liquids and the like in a transparent bag with an airtight seal.

Containers should be comfortably contained in a 20cm x 20cm hermetically sealed transparent bag (Ziploc). Only one bag per passenger is allowed.

Prepare your suitcase efficiently before flying with Breeze Airways

The articles and objects to put in the suitcase is a question that worries many travelers who want to miss nothing during their stay but do not want to pay for excess baggage either.

– A toiletry bag for an optimized suitcase

First of all, equip yourself with small 100ml bottles in which to transfer your various products, because in cabin baggage, only these containers will be authorized. 100ml therefore maximum per product, in a transparent pouch 20 x 20, the whole not exceeding 1L. If you choose to put your luggage in the hold, these little filled bottles will also be more than enough for you: you don’t liquidate your shower gel in a week, do you? And for a short stay, with relatives, close to shops, there is no need to bring all your toiletries. You can always borrow them or buy them on site.

– Essential products and objects to absolutely put in your luggage

The suitcase is not limited to what we are going to carry and toiletries. There are plenty of little accessory things that can be very useful.

– Technological devices

The camera to keep memories (but you can also buy disposable ones, which are lighter and for a more vintage style), the headphones, the tablet, the electrical outlet adapter if necessary and above all, the chargers for each device, …

– Small bags are practical

An extra bag just in case for the return trip, especially if you’re bringing back souvenirs or are a shopaholic. It can be a fabric bag: ultra light and takes up almost no space.

– Plastic bags for dirty clothes and to protect shoes

Bags to compartmentalize your suitcase and find your way around more easily.

– Other essential items to pack in your suitcase:

A travel diary to write down your impressions, your new contacts and your little travel guide:

– An umbrella

– A book (practical during stopovers)

– A waterproof bag that you wear around your neck to store your smartphone and money for boat trips, for example.

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