Guide to policy rules and baggage allowance on Allegiant Air flights

Before booking a flight with Allegiant Air, it is important to consider what are the weights and measurements of hand luggage accepted by the American low cost and what kinds of items you are allowed to put inside.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises before boarding the Allegiant Air plane, it is important to know the requirements of this airline regarding the hand baggage allowance allowed to its passengers.

It is essential to know in advance that checking baggage is one of the most important jobs for this low-cost carrier.

Hand luggage (Cabin): Carrying carry-on baggage on Allegiant Air flights is not free

The low-cost airline has extremely precise regulations regarding the weight and size of hand luggage. It is essential to ensure before leaving that your hand luggage does not exceed the dimensions requested by each operator, but you should also know that the transport of hand luggage is chargeable, the costs of which are fixed according to the route.

Maximum carry-on size: 9″ x 14″ x 22″ (45 inches)

What are the guidelines for dimensions and weights?

In the cabin, you are entitled to bring a personal item such as a briefcase, a handbag or a backpack whose dimensions to respect are as follows: 7″ x 15″ x 16″ (38 inches).

Maximum weight: Allegiant Air does not set a threshold, however, the bag or briefcase must be compact enough to be slid under the seat.

– Transportation of liquids

One of the regulations that tourists often overlook is that cosmetics must be poured or packaged at origin in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml.

This applies to all liquids, of various types and uses, contained in hand luggage. It is also important to pack them in a special foil bag. Its capacity should not exceed one litre.

– Medication transportation

People who regularly take medicines prescribed by a doctor do not need a certificate and have the right to take them with them on the plane. Medicines that can be purchased without a prescription can also be carried in hand luggage. If the drugs are in liquid form, they are not included in the maximum allowed amount of liquids. However, it is the passenger who is required to inform airport control of such a fact. In the event of an ambiguous assessment by airport staff, they are entitled to ask for confirmation that you must use this type of medicine or that it has been prescribed for you by a doctor. Therefore, if you take medication with you on board, it is always useful to have a medical certificate stating that you must use it during the trip.

Before each departure by plane, you must check the regulations in force or contact Allegiant Air to determine whether medicines, equipment and objects are authorized to be transported in hand luggage.

– Transport of battery-powered devices in the cabin

See this airline’s terms and conditions for restricted and prohibited items in carry-on baggage on Alaska Airlines flights here.

Restricted Items: Portable Electronic Device (PED), Electric Skateboards, Balance Gliders, Hoverboards and Lithium Batteries.

For passenger safety reasons, certain items may only be carried in hand baggage, namely:

Some objects simply pose a danger to the safety of passengers and flight crew, so they are strictly prohibited in cabin baggage:

– Firearms and other dangerous items that may cause injury including electric stun guns (replicas and imitation firearms are also not allowed in carry-on baggage), all kinds of animal slaughter equipment, all kinds of toys that look like pistols, revolvers, rifles, …

– Lighters that look like guns,

– Explosives and flammable objects,

– Sharp objects such as razor and razor blades, scissors, axes, metal tent pegs, …

– Articles and equipment for winter sports including ski poles or ice skates

Checked Baggage: What regulations does Allegiant Air apply?

Allegiant Air has restrictions on carrying checked baggage in the holds of its aircraft. The US carrier has developed rules for charging fees for carrying checked baggage:

Each passenger is allowed to check in four pieces of checked baggage, each of which can weigh up to 40 pounds (18 kilograms).

Regarding the size of the luggage, each piece must not measure more than 80″ (height + length + width). The wheels and handles of the suitcases are included.

Extra Baggage: Charges apply for bulky and oversized baggage

Weight or dimensions that exceed the limit allowed by Allgeriant Air? Excess baggage charges apply

If you already know you’re going to be overweight and need to purchase extra baggage, it’s best to do so online on the airline’s website before travelling. this option is always cheaper than doing it at the airport counter.

Excess baggage charges charged by Allegiant Air:

– In the cabin (hand luggage): $50 to pay for each supplement between 41 and 70 pounds

– In the hold (checked): $75 to pay for each supplement between 71 and 99 pounds

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