Boarding Alaska Airlines Flights: Final boarding time and process to obtain the card

The first plane flight with Alaska Airlines is a great experience for many passengers. Not only the journey itself, but also the process leading up to it can be stressful for beginners.

Having a boarding pass is necessary to be able to board the plane

This document is assigned to each passenger completing their check-in, whether online or at the airport. The data that should be included depends on the planned route of the flight, which is related (or not) to the visa requirement.

How to get the boarding pass?

The basic data required during registration are the name and surname, series and number of the identity document or passport, as well as the expiry date and the country of issue of the documents. It is important that the details on your boarding pass match those on your ID as this is checked during security checks.

If you check in online, you can receive your boarding pass. You must decide on the delivery method: by SMS, e-mail or in hard copy.

If you are planning an Alaska Airlines flight to travel to an international destination (outside the United States), you will be asked to provide your passport prior to boarding for further inspection.

Most likely, you will be asked several questions about the trip: where you will fly, what you will do, where you will live.

Obtain the electronic boarding pass (on mobile)

Tired of printing out the boarding pass every time? Alaska Airlines allows you to download the boarding pass to your mobile, either by checking in online on its website, or via its mobile application.

This boarding pass is validated with the QR code on the electronic devices located at the entrances. The US airline also offers an app to access your boarding passes online and add baggage or change flight dates.

If your phone can’t access the internet at the airport, use the download boarding pass option on your mobile so you can show the document offline.

Final boarding time

This is the time beyond which the passenger will no longer be entitled to board. Alaska Airlines requires its passengers to be presented at the boarding gate no more than thirty minutes before the departure time.

Passing the security check: A mandatory procedure before boarding

At this point, officers at the airport use metal detectors and x-rays to check if you have anything prohibited with you. To pass the inspection:

– At the entrance to the security zone, present your passport and boarding pass.

– Take a basket for objects: you must put your hand luggage, your jewels, your outer clothes and your clothes containing metal there. All devices must be removed from the bags at the bottom of the basket.

– On your turn, attach your baskets to a belt that will carry them through the x-ray. Go through the metal detectors yourself.

– If, according to the airport staff, you have something suspicious, you will be asked to open your luggage and search it manually.

Alaska Airlines passengers board as a group

The travelers of this airline are categorized into the following groups. You find your group number in your boarding pass.

Find your boarding gate in the pre-flight area and sit next to it. Boarding usually begins half an hour before departure. Near your door, you can buy whatever you want in Duty Free shops. Everything that is bought here, you can take with you on the plane.

Lost boarding pass? Here’s how to react

Do not worry if such an inconvenience occurs, because in reality you do not completely lose your boarding pass since your data is saved in the computer when it is issued.

If the loss occurs before going to the boarding lounge, go to the check-in counter where the hostess, after checking your identity, will reissue your boarding pass.

If the loss occurs once you have passed through the boarding lounge, contact the hostess in charge of boarding passengers, she will issue you another card after checking your identity.

And if your boarding card is lost between boarding and entering the plane, the hostess who will welcome you on board will ask her colleagues by telephone to issue you a new card.

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