Alaska Airlines First Class: Find out what awaits you in this luxurious area

In Alaska Airlines First Class, you enjoy privacy, a comfortable bed, television, à la carte meals, a vanity with luxury creams, and even personal attention from NCP members.

In addition to the comfort of its suite, you can list all the extras you appreciate like luxury cosmetics, individual HD TV, … And when you get hungry, you can order your favorite dishes and meals at any what time during the flight.

The first class introduced by Alaska Airlines on its international flights has modern, reclining seats.

Enjoy maximum comfort both on the ground and on board

The benefits reserved for passengers traveling on board Alaska Airlines first class are not limited to the refined comfort of their seats in the cabin or the delicious meals they can enjoy during the flight, the American airline’s travelers are also privileged on the ground, as soon as they arrive at the airport: comfortable check-in, quick passage through security, access to the VIP lounge to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation before the plane takes off, …

First class passengers enjoy an improved baggage allowance. at the airport, the check-in process goes smoothly and in a very pleasant atmosphere.

When checking in, passengers can use a separate passage through security and immigration control, and can complete all other necessary procedures in just a few minutes.

With an Alaska Airlines First Class ticket, a passenger can use the business lounges at all major airports in the world. Snacks, drinks, magazines and current newspapers are available in the lounge, you can use the wi-fi connection. A moment of relaxation, to take care of the last business before the flight in a pleasant atmosphere, thanks to this, you can feel good and wait with joy for boarding knowing that you can be the first to board the plane.

Treat yourself to a great moment of relaxation at San Francisco airport, located in Terminal 2 and spread over an area of 900 m², it is a space full of comfort that allows you to enjoy a calm and relaxing break before your flight.

On-board comfort: Seats offering the ultimate in passenger comfort

All Alaska Airlines intercontinental routes are operated with jumbo jets like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

In the Première cabin, the seats are equipped with a power outlet, a USB port, passengers can use the on-board entertainment system having access to hundreds of films and series, games and entertainment programs, shows TV, … The seats are not missing a pillow, blanket, toiletry bag and headphones, …

Enjoy tasty, flavorful food from starred chefs

All-you-can-eat meals are served on porcelain dishes. A wide range of desserts, cheeses and drinks will make your trip more pleasant and allow you to relax even more. On intercontinental flights, a cold meal and a hot meal are served to passengers.

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