Traveling as an unaccompanied minor on an Air Transat flight: What is its policy and what are the fees?

Traveling by plane can be stressful for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for unaccompanied minors. Whether visiting family in another state or attending summer camp, young travelers may find themselves boarding a plane alone, causing parents and guardians to worry about their safety and well-being. welfare.

What is an unaccompanied minor?

He is a child who flies alone, without a parent or legal guardian. Air Transat defines unaccompanied minors as children aged between:

– 8 and 11 years old:

Children of this age must book the Unaccompanied Minor VIP service if they are traveling without their parent/guardian or if they are flying with their guardian but in two different cabins.

With this service, your child will be accompanied by a dedicated representative throughout their trip. This representative will provide assistance with check-in, boarding, in-flight activities and baggage claim. The service is offered and available only on direct flights operated by Air Transat (Flights with stopovers are not included).

A CA $100 fee is applied to take advantage of this service which includes:

  • Escort to the boarding gate;
  • Fast boarding (priority);
  • Automatically assigned seat;
  • Fast baggage delivery (priority);
  • Free snack.

– 12 and 17 years old

While some minors may need additional assistance and support during their flight, others may feel comfortable traveling alone. Air Transat understands that every child is different, which is why the airline offers the possibility of signing up for VIP service for unaccompanied minors on an optional basis.

Customer service phone number to book the flight ticket

If you need to book a ticket for your child on an Air Transat flight, the airline recommends that you do so by telephone. This is because special requirements must be met when a minor is traveling alone, such as providing documentation proving the child’s identity and arranging for a designated adult to pick them up at their destination. By booking over the phone, you ensure that all these details are taken care of and that the process goes smoothly.

The service can be reached 24/7 at 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728) (Toll-free) or +1-514-636-3630

– Dedicated telephone line for the deaf and hard of hearing: Dial 1-800-855-0511 (voice to TTY); 711 (TTY to voice) and 1-800-855-1155 (TTY to TTY). Then ask the Bell Relay Service operator to contact Air Transat by dialing: 1-866-234-5136 or 514-906-5196.

Preparation before the flight

Prior to the day of travel, parents or guardians must complete the necessary forms and provide identification for their child. The airline may request a government-issued ID card or passport for the child. In addition, they must provide the airline with the name, address and telephone number of the person who will pick up the child at the destination airport.

Airport assistance

Upon arrival at the airport, young travelers receive special assistance. Air Transat staff will provide them with a personalized escort who will guide them through security checks and help them find their boarding gate. The escort will stay with the child until they board the plane. Parents can also request a gate pass to accompany their child to the gate.

On board the plane

During the flight, Canada’s airline staff will regularly check that your child is comfortable and has everything they need. He will also ensure that the child has a designated seat and is seated near the front of the aircraft for easy access. The flight attendants will also provide him with a snack or a special meal according to your request.

On flights to and from destinations in the South, the United States and Canada, Air Transat allows meals to be pre-ordered up to 72 hours before the flight. This gives parents and guardians peace of mind knowing that their child will have a meal they will love on their trip. The Bistro menu includes a variety of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free meals, as well as snacks and beverages.

Flight arrival

Upon arrival at the destination airport, an agent again escorts the child off the aircraft, through customs (if necessary) and to the designated pick-up area. The adult picking up the child will be required to show identification and sign a release form before the child is released.

Air Transat flight check-in time for a minor traveling alone

It is essential to understand that unaccompanied minors must check in at least 180 minutes (3 hours) before the scheduled departure time of their flight. This gives them time to complete the necessary paperwork and allows airline staff to ensure that the minor is allowed to travel alone.

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