Connectair: All about Air Transat’s interline service

Connect Air is an exclusive Air Transat service that offers passengers personalized flights tailored to their needs. This service offers customers the possibility of creating their own flight itineraries by booking two or more flights by combining routes served by Air Transat and partner airlines while benefiting from flexibility when choosing travel dates, departure times and the route.

How do I book my travel itinerary using the Connect Air service?

Connect Air gives travelers more control over how they book air travel by giving them the ability to choose their preferred airports and even create different types of tickets at discounted fares. With Connect Air, customers can enjoy convenience, value and ultimate flexibility when it comes to flying with Air Transat and its airline partners: Aegean Airlines, Air North, Avianca, Azores Airlines, Loganair, Pascan, SKY express, Viva Air and Vueling.

Booking flights with Connect Air is simple and straightforward. First, go to the Connect Air website and select your travel dates, then specify any other details such as the number of passengers you want and the destination. The website will present you with a list of available flights for the requested dates, sorted by your preferences. Once you have chosen a flight, enter your billing information on the last page of the payment process and confirm your reservation.

Thanks to Connect’s Air convenient booking system, you can book air travel with peace of mind knowing you’re getting great service from one of the leading low-cost carriers operating in Canada and across the various continents of the world.

How is the check-in process for a flight booked with Connect Air?

The Connect Air registration process is relatively simple. First, customers need to visit the official website and enter their booking information or e-ticket number. Then they will be able to select a seat and travel documents. Once all information has been entered, passengers can print a boarding pass and proceed through security checks to the boarding gate. Customers are also encouraged to use online check-in when available to save time on the day of their flight.

This service is open on flights from:


From / to (hours before departure)
Aegean Airlines

From 48 hours to 30 minutes

Air North

From 24 hours to 60 minutes
Air Transat

From 24 hours to 120 minutes (with the possibility of free seat selection)


24 hours to 2 hours
Azores Airlines

From 48 hours to 75 minutes


From 30 days to 2 hours

From 48 hours


From 90 minutes (Available at the airport only)
Sky Express

From 48 hours

Viva Air

From 8 a.m. to 3 a.m.

From 7 days to one hour

Your baggage must be checked

If you intend to transport baggage whose weight or dimensions (size) do not comply with the baggage allowance authorized in the cabin by your airline, you must in this case check it in at the airport before boarding.

One or more booking confirmations?

Reservation information is sent to you after each itinerary reservation. This means that you receive a confirmation each time you book a trip. If you combine the booking of three routes, with three different air operators, you therefore receive three booking confirmations.

Connectair: How is the reservation modification?

Customers have the option (or not) to modify their flight ticket reservations. They can check whether or not they can make changes to their itinerary by consulting the fare conditions of their airlines.

Flight delayed or canceled as part of a Connectair reservation?

A special number is allocated to you to call the Dohop service which will support the search for a replacement flight. The service can be reached by:

  • Phone: 204-808-2377
  • Email 1:
  • Email

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