Air Transat baggage allowance: Weight and size limits

The measurements (size or dimensions) and weight of checked baggage (carried in the hold of the plane) changes according to the regulations corresponding to the airline in which you are traveling.

Baggage allowance granted to Air Transat passengers

The number of pieces, their dimensions and their maximum authorized weights differ depending on the class of travel:

– Basic Economy: No Checked Baggage Entitlement (Carriage of this type of baggage is chargeable).

– Club Class: Two bags are included in the booking fare (Club & Club Flex) weighing 23kg each, and measuring 158cm (Length + Width + Depth).

Items that must be placed in checked baggage

Due to lack of space inside the cabin as well as other security considerations, Air Transat informs its travelers that the items described below are prohibited in carry-on baggage, they must be placed in the baggage going in the hold:

Liquids larger than 100ml: Only a maximum of 10 containers of liquids of up to 100ml each are permitted. In addition, all containers with liquids must be in a transparent bag.

– Non-prescription remedies: If they are liquid remedies, they can contain more than 100 ml.

– Certain sharp objects: epilators, razor blades, knitting sticks.

– Sports equipment: skateboard, skates, fishing rod, arrows and darts.

Items and objects that should not be placed in the hold

While there are items that should be placed in the hold due to their large size or heavy weight, there are items that you should carry in your hand luggage due to their fragility or value:

Valuables: Jewelry, watches, electronic devices, … This is how you prevent them from being lost, stolen or broken during the journey

Personal hygiene items: which you will need during the trip, especially if your flight includes a stopover (such as soap or toothpaste)

Items strictly prohibited in checked baggage on Air Transat flights

These are simply all the objects that airport security agents deem dangerous, such as:

– Corrosive substances;

– Explosive materials;

– Flammable liquids;

– Firearms, electroshock weapons.

Your baggage is over the limit allowed by Air Transat? Buy extra

Despite the fact that we all want to pack as much as possible in the luggage before taking the plane, in order to have everything we need at our destination. It is always good to be careful and know what are the allowed measurements (dimensions), weights and important information that the airline.

If you have already reserved your plane ticket with Air Transat, you must take into account the fact that there are limits set by the Canadian airline and that it is possible that it will refuse to board your baggage; so don’t trust yourself, sometimes only for 500g more than allowed the passage of checked baggage can be restricted.

If the suitcase weighs more than 23 kilos, a supplement will be charged by Air Transat for excess baggage; with prices set at $100 if the extra baggage is paid online, and up to $225 if the supplement is paid for at the airport.

If you prove before boarding the plane that you are overweight in your checked baggage and that it does not exceed 32 kg; because by exceeding this weight, your luggage will be sent by the cargo service; you must pay an excess baggage fee directly at the airport and in cash. The weight and additional charges will be recorded on the shipping paper and you must pay it at the airline counter before boarding the plane. The excess rate charged is $225.

Otherwise, if you realize in advance that your baggage does not meet the standard established by Air Transat, you will have the chance to pay a supplement whose rates are reduced by more than 50%. Buy your supplement at half price online.

Cabin suitcases, in the event of exceeding the authorized size or weight, are transported in the hold without.

In order to avoid paying a supplement or other fees for transporting your luggage on Air Transat flights, you must remember to measure your suitcase before leaving. Use an accurate digital or analog luggage scale; you also have the option of using a bathroom scale.

Be aware that some items can be carried in your coat pockets if you have the space, if this helps reduce the weight of your checked baggage.

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