Air Transat: Baggage exceeding the authorized allowance? Buy excess

The flights offered by Air Transat have their own rules, including baggage transport rules.

Baggage placed in the hold must meet certain requirements. Their weight and dimensions must not exceed the standards set by the airline, whereas if the rule put in place by Air Transat is not respected by the passenger, the latter will be forced to choose between paying an excess or taking the flight without his luggage.

With Air Transat’s Additional Baggage option, you can upgrade your allowance to be entitled to check-in additional baggage in the hold of the aircraft.

Air Transat: Purchase of a supplement online

It’s a great way to save time and money when traveling. Buying excess baggage online is much cheaper than at the airport.

There are several advantages to buying excess baggage online. First of all, it’s much more convenient than waiting in line at the airport. You can purchase your additional baggage allowance from the comfort of your home or office, and you can do so any time of the day or night.

Second, buying excess baggage online is much cheaper than buying it at the airport. Air Transat offers reduced rates for purchases of supplements made through its website or mobile application.

Price of additional baggage: What is the cost charged by Air Transat?

According to Air Transat’s rules and conditions of carriage, baggage placed in the hold must not weigh more than 23kg or height/measurements greater than 158cm. So, if you are not able to respect these limits, you must pay excess baggage by paying 100 USD (80 € / 65 £).

Calculate your baggage allowance before departure

In order to help its customers avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport, Air Transport invites them to use its online baggage allowance calculator and find out the allowance allowed on their flight in order to prepare their bags with peace of mind.

Find out how many pieces you are allowed to carry in the hold by calculating the allowance. Insert the following data:

– Departure airport;

– Destination airport;

– Type of trip (flight or package);

– Class of travel (Economy or Club).

Then click View Allowance to view your baggage allowance details.

You should know that the tax applied in the event of overweight varies according to fare class and destination.

When you have to carry heavy suitcases, it is better to plan ahead. Passengers can purchase an allowance on the Air Transat website the day before the flight for a price 25% to 50% lower than what they would have to pay at check-in.

Use the Air Transport Cargo service to transport your special baggage

It is clear that any excess (between 1 and 9 kg and between 1cm and 134cm) additional per piece of baggage can be transported in the hold after paying the supplement charged by Air Transat. However, any baggage exceeding these limits (such as sports equipment for example) will be transported by freight.

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