Freight Transport (Cargo): Air Panama offers solutions for the transport of all types of goods

Cargo transportation is one of the key services offered by AirPanama departing from Enrique Malek David airport terminal to its passengers and business customers.

Panama Air Carrier is dedicated to sending your most delicate products and items at the right time and to the right place.

In addition, in order to continue offering the best transport and logistics service to its customers, Air Panama has implemented certain sanitary measures. For example, its personnel have received personal protective equipment, and the work area, goods and machinery or equipment, in addition to its aircraft, are periodically cleaned and disinfected.

A very large number of customers use AirPanama’s parcel services. The Panamanian airline deploys its cargo fleet to ensure shipments of various types of goods including fragile, refrigerated and dry goods.

The air carrier from the Central American country offers parcel transport in Panama and Costa Rica. This service was created to meet the current needs of customers who send more and more parcels between inner cities or outer neighboring cities.

What distinguishes this company from other carriers is above all great flexibility and an ability to fully adapt to the needs of its customers.

Delivery times are always respected

Parcel to a destination inside or outside Panama? Your packages are delivered at lightning speed. Shipments are usually delivered the same day.

Send your luggage by freight: Several routes are covered by Air Panama

The Panamanian airline transports your most delicate and fragile (perishable) goods to fifteen internal and external destinations: Panama, Playón Chico, Achutupo, Ogobsucum, Mulatupo, Puerto Obaldía, Isla Contadora, Isla San Jose, Bahia Piña Jaqué, Pedasi, Chitré, San José, Changuinola, Bocas Del Toro, David.

Air Panama’s cargo service takes care of the transportation and delivery of your general cargo. It serves the entire region of the country of Central America and the neighboring country Costa Rica.

Air Panama takes care of the transport of dried fruits

Contrary to appearances, fruits including bananas and dried fruits are a very delicate and demanding commodity. This is why Air Panama takes care to ensure appropriate climatic conditions in transport on board its planes, especially to regulate and maintain the right temperature.

Transport and handling of refrigerated goods

This airline also provides services in the field of temperature-controlled refrigerated transport. Because the transport of refrigerated goods must be carefully planned and implemented, the Panamanian carrier approaches all orders with great attention to detail.

Refrigerated freight is not one of the easily transportable goods. It turns out that in addition to maintaining the right temperature, regardless of the weather outside, the transport of foodstuffs is also subject to strict sanitary standards.

Air Panama ensures that all transport rules for this type of goods are respected in order to avoid any problems that could damage your products.

Refrigerated transport of foodstuffs

Food transport is carried out in 20-kilogram (45-pound) coolers. For any transport of products or special goods, contact Air Panama’s Freight department by:

– Email:

– Phone: +507.316.9000

The airline will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you or your company. Air Panama believes that when you need help with refrigerated transport, you count on it being punctual and without damage, which is why its team will do everything to fulfill the order according to the highest standards of service.

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