Baggage rules on Air Pananma flights

Each passenger preparing to take a flight with the airline of the Central American country is supposed to know its baggage transport rules by inquiring about the authorized size and weight one suitcase per person, permitted and prohibited items, cost of excess baggage for those wishing to travel with out of shape or overweight baggage.

Hand Luggage Allowance (Handbag)

– Weight Limit: Air Panama allows you to board its cabins with one piece of baggage (1 item) weighing no more than 4kg, and an additional handbag.

– Dimensions: Although there are no applicable restrictions regarding the size of baggage placed in the cabin, Air Panama warns its customers that baggage dimensions may be subject to specific restrictions and regulations at their departure airport. It is therefore essential to inquire before departure.

– An additional item (accessory) is authorized in the cabin: It can be a bag with baby items, laptop, small briefcase, canes, crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs, …

Take liquids in hand luggage

It is also allowed to add liquids in hand luggage, but their quantity is strictly limited. Among them are various gels, sunscreen, shaving foam, foods such as water, yogurt, soft cheese and liquid or powder cosmetics.

Maximum volume of all liquids is 1 litre, all must be packed in a sealed clear zip lock bag – must be closed, up to 20cm in height and width.

The products must be packed in containers with a maximum weight of 100ml (for each container).

Prohibited items in hand luggage

There are objects and articles that cannot be transported in the cabin by any means. Those are the:

Sharp objects: scissors with blades longer than 6 cm, a penknife, a sewing kit and even a sharp umbrella, hypodermic needles, except under medical justification;

Knives of all types including axes and saws;

Flammable objects: gas cartridges, flammable liquids, matches;

Corrosive, toxic and poisonous substances including a mercury thermometer;

Any type of weapon including fake weapons like toy guns and gun-shaped lighters;

Baseball bats, golf clubs, cricket bats, skates and other equipment;

All the objects mentioned above can, however, be transported in checked baggage.

The rules applied by Air Panama to checked baggage

Baggage to be checked in is one that is heavy and large in size. They are the parts that are placed in the holds of the aircraft.

Before taking your flight with Air Panama, you must first know the regulations applicable by the Panamanian airline to the transport of checked baggage.

It is important to note that this operator individually determines the dimensions and weight of the baggage going into the hold.

Checked baggage is weighed at the time of drop-off and its authorized parameters depend mainly on the airline and the fare chosen by the passenger when booking his flight.

– What is the baggage allowance for Air Panama flights?

With the exception of passengers who have booked their plane ticket with Air Panama with the Economy Basic fare, and who can only carry baggage in the hold by paying a fee, all other passengers are entitled to one piece of baggage weighing 23kg (50Ib).

Transporting sports equipment: What are the service charges

For all passengers passionate about sports, Air Panama allows them to fly with their sports equipment on board its planes, but you should know that this service is chargeable:

Sport equipment

Fees to be paid

Small Athletic / Sports Gear:

–          Sports fire arms

–          Archery gear

–          Bowling equipment

–          Tennis gear

–          Scuba diving equipment

–          Skates and skate boards

–          Surf boards (up to 7 feet), Wake Boards, Body Boards

–          Camping gear up to 4 people


Large Sports Gear:

–          Bikes (5 per flight maximum)

–          Golf bags

–          Fishing gear

–          Inflatable kayak

–          Parachute

–          Paddle boards

–          Kitesurfing boards

–          Windsurfing

–          Camping equipment for more than 5 people


Extra baggage on Air Panama flights: What are the fees charged for purchasing extra?

Baggage that exceeds the limits set by Air Panama in terms of weight and size is considered excess baggage or simply extra baggage. Additional fees are charged for this particular type of baggage, usually for each kilogram over the legal limit.

The price of an additional piece of baggage is charged at a price of $35 while each additional kilogram is charged at a rate of $5.

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