Upgrade to Air Canada Business Class: What options are available?

Air Canada offers its passengers the opportunity to bid for an upgrade credit to a higher class up to 48 hours before departure.

To upgrade from the Canadian airline and travel in business class or first class, you must also be able to use your e-upgrade credits which you can obtain them in several ways:

– eUpgrad

Up to 20 eUpgrade Credits can be awarded to Aeroplan loyalty program passengers with Elite status.

You benefit from a significant number of eUpgrade credits each time you unlock a level or reach a single MQS Qualification Miles or SQS Qualification Segment.

– Air Canada Upgrade Bid

Traveling multiple times throughout the year has its perks when you’re part of Air Canada’s Aeroplan frequent flyer program.

In addition, you also earn miles or points when you fly on airlines that are part of the same alliance (Star Alliance).

As you accumulate points, you will be able to redeem free tickets and from a certain category you will receive coupons to request a free upgrade whenever it is available and according to the terms and conditions of your airline company.

The privilege points earned in the Aeroplan program have great value, so you can redeem them for exclusive services and privileges, including upgrades.

Aeroplan points give you an advantage. If you wish to travel in a superior cabin when you have reserved a seat in Economy class, Air Canada suggests that you create your own upgrade offer by placing your Aeroplan miles on a wager.

Air Canada has set up an online verification tool through which you can find out if you can use your miles to obtain an upgrade on your flight. In both fields of the form, enter your booking number and last name to begin verification.

With this service, it’s up to you to build your own upgrade plan using your Aeroplan points. The service is available 10 to 2 days before flight departure.

If you manage to get upgraded, you benefit from all the advantages granted to passengers traveling in the superior cabin, including an improved baggage allowance, authentic gourmet menus, …

– Upgrade purchase

Comfortable seats, gourmet menus prepared by starred chefs, unique comfort, … that’s what Air Canada Business Class travel looks like.

However, the plane tickets to be able to board this cabin and live a memorable experience in this luxurious space are clearly expensive and are not within everyone’s reach. But, with the good surprise revealed by Air Canada, even passengers who have booked their tickets in Economy class can change their seat choices a few hours or even a few minutes before departure, by purchasing an upgrade.

Obtaining a seat in a higher class than the one for which you paid is therefore possible by purchasing an upgrade from Air Canada.

The service costs money but be aware that if you add the extra payment for an upgrade to the money you paid for your airfare, the resulting amount will be less than the cost of the ticket in the class of seat in which you will travel.

– Buy your upgrade a few minutes before departure

The service is open and accessible from 24 hours before departure and until:

45 minutes on domestic flights (within Air Canada)

60 minutes (one hour) on international flights.

Cases where it is not possible to purchase an upgrade:

Or that it is offered subject to availability, purchasing an upgrade may not be possible in the following cases:

– Codeshare flight

– Group travel (unless all group members agree to upgrade)

– Reserved flight ticket with base fare

Buying an upgrade with Air Canada?

The air carrier of the North American country informs its passengers that the prices to take advantage of this service are not fixed, but are determined according to the flight segment.

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