Traveling as a group on an Air Canada flight: Request a quote

Traveling in a group on an Air Canada plane, with friends or family can only be wonderful.

It’s normal, traveling in a group is different from traveling alone, but it has its advantages, being the main budget or comfort.

Without a doubt, the main advantage of traveling in a group is the security it brings to the trip, knowing that if something happens you will have someone you trust who will lend a hand.

To travel with Air Canada while having access to the advantages reserved and granted exclusively to group travellers, your group must contain at least ten passengers.

Book a group flight ticket

Air Canada’s complete offer will allow you to make the best choice for your group. You can be sure that the selected seat reservation option is the best one available.

You can filter Air Canada’s database to find tailor-made flight offers for your group to the various destinations in the Canadian company’s network, including its subsidiaries Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express. This gives you the guarantee of choosing the absolute best option for your group trip that meets all expectations.

Air Canada invites you to request a quote for group airline ticket reservations. Call 1-888-247-2262 and tell the agent your needs in terms of your reservation (number of passengers, travel destination, …).

– Traveling as a group to one destination, but from different airports?

Air Canada provides a reservation service for people wishing to travel in or out of Canada to attend conventions, meetings, weddings or other special events. Special rates (reduction between 5 and 12% on the price) are offered to passengers traveling in groups (of at least ten people).

Through a simple and easy booking process, you can plan your group trip of ten or more people with Air Canada departing from several cities, but first, you need to register your event online.

Booking group flights with Air Canada: Why is it worth it?

Book a flight to travel as a group on an Air Canada plane? With the airline of North America, you benefit from excellent fares, various tariff variants, convenient itinerary, minimum number of transfers or direct flights, flexibility (change of reservation data), help and assistance, … Air Canada has everything to make your group trip easy and enjoyable.

– Take advantage of special pricing

When booking group air tickets, please note that the price for passengers may be lower than for an individual booking.

If you were planning to travel at a lower cost, now is the time to take advantage of this airline operator’s bargain prices by boarding your plane with a group of passengers traveling to the same destination.

Air Canada offers special offers for group travellers, to be booked up to eleven months before the day of departure.

– Advance seat selection

There is a possibility to pre-select seats in advance for each member of the group, with the possibility of modifying the choices at any time (but subject to availability).

– Plane tickets for $0

Believe it or not, Air Canada occasionally offers free airline tickets to those traveling in economy class in groups, and this also includes flights served by its two operators Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express.

Full service provided by Air Canada for a comfortable trip

The Canadian airline knows how important comfort is to its passengers, which is why it treats your trip holistically. In addition to plane tickets for a group flight, it also offers you the possibility of booking hotel rooms and a transfer from and to the airport in addition to insurance for your group. She ensures that your entire trip is perfectly organized.

Why travel in a group by plane?

This ensures that the whole group will travel on one plane. This greatly facilitates departure logistics – the whole group departs and arrives at the same time and from the same place. In addition, you receive a reduced price per ticket for each passenger.

It is also very convenient to be able to provide a list of names at a later date. Until the ticket is issued, you have the opportunity to change names in the group reservation free of charge, after the ticket is issued, such a change is already payable, but the ticket itself has not expired.

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