What does traveling in economy class on an Air Canada flight look like?

Flying in economy class is often synonymous with a lack of legroom. Because of this, it’s easy to forget about the fate that awaits you on the other side. But you don’t have to pay more to improve your onboard experience.

However, if you take an Air Canada flight, you have more or less a comfortable experience.

The new cabin offered on Air Canada aircraft features improved facilities and amenities. Its main difference lies in the type of seat, notably wider than those offered on board economy class, separated from each other and reclining to accommodate the back and legs, …

The seats are considerably more comfortable, featuring a number of buttons and controls to adapt the seat to the passenger.

This cabin can be a practical choice for companies that want to send their managers to conferences and business meetings without having to pay high fares (such as business class seat prices).

Traveling in Privilege Economy class (Premium)

A class intended for passengers who wish to benefit from improved comfort.

With the Economy Premium cabin, the Canadian national airline wants to satisfy the demanding needs of its customers who can only travel with an average budget.

Flying in Premium Economy class opens up a new way of flying for passengers, providing them with more comfort and entertainment while allowing them to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience.

The new cabin introduced by Air Canada on its various short, medium and long-haul flights is characterized by:

– Additional separation between seat rows

– Wider seats with improved ergonomics and seating comfort

– Additional backrest inclination between 45.7cm and 50.8cm (depending on the type of device)

– Adjustable headrest + reclining footrests (A pillow and blanket are also offered on long-haul flights, and flights operated in the evening)

– Each passenger has their own 12″ full HD screen from which you can watch films, series, entertain yourself with video games, applications, according to individual tastes.

– Travelers have access to exclusive menus and appetizers

– A SoinPropre+ kit (toilet bag) is also offered to each traveler.

This class is available on board aircraft deployed on Air Canada’s various domestic and international flights, including its flights connecting cities in North America to the Caribbean.

Benefit from an improved baggage allowance

In terms of baggage transport, passengers in this cabin are entitled to two pieces of baggage in the hold, i.e. an additional piece in relation to the allowance granted to passengers in Eco class.

In addition to the possibility of checking in additional baggage in the hold, Privilege Economy class passengers benefit from practical additional services before and after the flight, namely: Priority boarding and disembarking and accelerated processing of their baggage at the checkpoint.

In addition to the screens giving access to a varied entertainment program, the seats are equipped with a power supply and USB port, a single-plug audio socket for plugging in your headphones and lighting for reading.

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