Air Canada: About the Manage My Booking service

Booking Air Canada flights has never been easier than today thanks to its online flight ticket purchase and reservation solution, accessible on its portal or its mobile application. This service eases the process of booking airline tickets by doing all the hard work.

Change or cancel an Air Canada flight reservation? We inform you about this service through this guide

As a passenger, you are authorized to change the date of your flight ticket booked with Air Canada. The only thing is that you need to be able to log in to your booking in Manage Booking section using the following details: Booking reference and last name.

As you can book your flight online, you can also change it through the same channel. However, you should know that this service may be chargeable. You will be charged additional costs if your flight ticket does not include an option to change flight times.

In this reservation management space, you can also add or delete any services offered by the Canadian airline, including the reservation of hotel rooms, car rental, addition of additional luggage or ordering of special meals, …

Flight modification: When do I have to pay a fee?

Air Canada authorizes its customers to modify their reservations or even cancel them free of charge up to 24 hours from the time of purchase of their tickets. So, beyond this period, the service becomes chargeable.

Otherwise, the Canadian company assures its customers that all types of reservations made in its offices, online or via its call center, can be modified.

Online modification of the reservation data of an airline ticket issued by Air Canada

If you wish to cancel your flight or simply change the departure date of your outward or return flight, you can do so with a few clicks, in less than two minutes.

This operation can be completed in no time. First, you must open the page containing your reservation data, and this is only possible through the Manage Reservation section.

As soon as you access your reservation (after entering your name and reservation or confirmation number), you can make the desired changes: Mark a new travel date in the calendar, change a destination, departure airport, choose a new departure time, flight, seat location, …

Once your details are changed, you can update your reservation.

Modify/change your reservation by phone

Unable to rebook your Air Canada ticket online? Immediately call their customer service by phone.

In such cases, you can contact Air Canada on 1-888-247-2262 with your travel reference. By describing your problem and specifying your travel reference as well as your first and last name. Agents are mobilized to respond to your request and solve the problem you are facing.

Approach an Air Canada office

As a last possibility, you can present yourself at an office/agency belonging to the Canadian company, with your travel documents (plane ticket and identity documents) where an agent will take charge of the entire operation of the change or modification of your reservation.

Changing a flight reservation?

A change of destination or itinerary offered by Air Canada is possible up to two hours before departure, sometimes free, and sometimes paying (it all depends on your fare class):

– On local flights / On flights serving the United States

Fares Characteristics Basic Standard Flex Comfort Latitude Premium Economy

Business Class

Change booking

Not possible 100 CAD Tariff difference applied (between the old and the new tariff)

Flexible: Price difference

Lowest: 100 CAD

 – On scheduled flights to other (international) destinations

Fares Characteristics Basic Standard Flex Latitude Premium Economy (Lowest) Premium Economy


Business Class (Lowest)

Business Class (Flexible)

Change booking

Not Possible Possible (with fees) Tariff difference applied Possible (with fees) Tariff difference applied Possible (with fees)

Tariff difference applied

– On flights to Sun destinations

Fares Characteristics Basic Standard Flex Comfort Latitude Premium Economy

Business Class

Change booking No 100 CAD Tariff difference applied 100 CAD

Tariff difference applied

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