Air Canada: How do I check in online for a flight? What is the process to follow?

For all future travelers, especially for those who are going to leave for their first flight with Air Canada, they are obliged to find out about the check-in procedures, which is the last (essential) step to take before obtaining authorization from the authorities at the airport to reach the departure lounge and board the aircraft.

At the outset, passengers should be informed or reminded that check-in for Air Canada flights can be done in two ways: at the airport or online.

Indeed, we already know that what can be done via the Internet is worthwhile. Checking in online saves a lot of time and reduces or even eliminates last-minute stress.

Check in for your flight with Air Canada online

The procedure is so simple that even people with basic computer knowledge can run and complete it without any problem.

First, go to the Air Canada website or open its mobile application, then click on Check-in (in the middle of the page). To go to the check-in area, you need to enter your last name and your booking reference (appearing on the back of the plane ticket).

Deadline (final) for online check-in on Air Canada flights

On flights serving the United States or other international destinations departing from Toronto, the check-in service remains accessible up to three hours before departure, except that it opens 24 hours before the flight.

Regarding the registration of luggage, it can be done up to an hour and a half (90 minutes) before departure.

For other routes, the final check-in time may change depending on the destination:

On domestic flights: 45 minutes before departure

– On international flights including flights serving Mexico and the Caribbean: between 60 and 90 minutes

Final boarding time

The boarding gates close fifteen minutes (15 min) before the departure of local flights and thirty minutes (30 min) before the departure time of international flights.

Checking in on an Air Canada flight: what is it for?

It is simply a mandatory step that no passenger can skip. During this procedure, the passenger’s documents are checked, heavy luggage is checked in, and then a boarding card will be issued.

Online check-in is by far the most convenient solution that passengers planning to travel with Air Canada are happy to use. Among the biggest advantages of this registration method, we can distinguish the following:

– Much shorter recording time

This operation only takes a few minutes; then, when you arrive at the airport, simply check in your baggage at the airline counter or at the self-service baggage drop-off points;

You can check in for your Air Canada flight from anywhere at any time, all you need is a laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access. You save precious time, because you only go to the airport to board.

– Airplane seat selection

At check-in, you will have access to a seat map of the aircraft that will be used by Air Canada to provide service. On the seat map, you can see if a given seat is reserved or free and you can choose the one that suits you for a fee or free of charge, depending on your chosen fare;

– Check the validity of your travel documents in advance

Checking in online allows passengers to ensure before leaving for the airport that their documents required for air travel are all still valid.

Cases where it is not possible to use this service

Air Canada has its own requirements for this process. The service is not available to passengers:

– Traveling with an animal

– With reduced mobility or pregnant women, or unaccompanied minors

Self check-in at the airport

Some airports served by Air Canada are equipped with Kiosks through which passengers can check in and print their boarding passes without asking anyone for help or queuing in front of the check-in counters. This option is therefore practical to save a lot of time at the airport.

In order to be able to use the machine, the passenger only needs his identity card or his passport and an electronic ticket printed in advance; or recorded on his smartphone.

Once the check-in on the flight is done, we must therefore proceed to the printing of the boarding pass, and for this, we can scan his identity document, then the system will display the details of its on-screen reservation based on name and will allow us to select a seat on the plane if necessary.

Another method is to check in for your flight using an automatic terminal at the airport by manually entering your details including surname, first name and booking reference. Once the information is entered correctly (valid), the passenger can proceed to the step of printing their boarding pass.

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