Air Canada: How do I file a claim?

Complaints filed by Air Canada passengers in its offices or through its online platform relate to long delays, flight cancellations or the deterioration and loss of baggage at airports.

It is because of the above that if you are one of the persons concerned, Air Canada invites you to file a complaint by contacting its customer service which can be reached via the following channels:

Phone: 1 888 247-2262 (Canada, United States)

Email: Fill out this form.

It should be noted that once the complaint or request has been entered, you can consult the status and details of the file through your customer account (in the Manage my Booking section).

Claim for delayed or canceled flight?

If the flight is canceled or has accumulated a significant delay (exceeding five hours), you can claim the right to support at the airport. In addition, you can choose between choosing an alternative transport, obtaining in this case the reimbursement of the part of the journey not carried out within a maximum period of seven days, or requesting the full reimbursement of the money in which case they must offer you a return flight to the first departure point as quickly as possible.

Each passenger in such an unpleasant situation will have the right to claim damages derived from the cancellation unless there are circumstances of force majeure or the passenger has been informed of the cancellation at the legally established advance (more than two weeks before departure).

In this regard, if Air Canada notifies the cancellation more than fourteen days before the scheduled date of the flight, the passenger will only be entitled to a refund of the price of the ticket, unless he accepts, where applicable, the change of date or time proposed by its air operator.

If Air Canada informs you of the cancellation of your flight 14 days or less before the departure date, and this is not due to force majeure (i.e. it is under its responsibility), the payment on the protection of air passengers in Canada stipulates that each aggrieved traveler has the right to claim compensation from his company in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1000).

What and how much to claim from Air Canada if the flight is delayed?

– Two (2) hour delay:

The Canadian company owes you in this case:

– A means of communication (free telephone calls, SMS),

– Drinks/food

– Delay of several hours (which extends until the next day)

Passengers are also entitled to accommodation near the airport with free transport between the airport and their point of accommodation.

Right to compensation

Delays on Air Canada flights give rise to financial compensation, the amount of which depends on the length of the delay:

Between 3 and 6 hours: $400

Between 6 and 9 hours: $700

–   + 9 hours: $1000

Lost or delayed baggage: are there rights to claim from Air Canada?

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations also cover and protect them in the event of late delivery, loss or damage to their baggage.

The amount of compensation granted to passengers who are victims of this inconvenience is not fixed, but varies according to the case and the value of the baggage. However, the compensation cost limit is $2100.

Boost your claim file: Keep reservation tickets and invoices

Keep all invoices or tickets for reservations and payments, as well as plane tickets or boarding passes, as they will be essential in the event of a claim.

How do I file or file a claim with Air Canada?

For those who need to file a complaint, has a tool that allows passengers to request a refund or compensation when their rights as consumers have not been respected.

If you are not satisfied with a service for which you have paid, or if you believe that your rights as an air passenger have been violated before, during or after your flight with Air Canada, you can file a complaint at the airline of the North American country.

The process can be done throughout the year, but preferably it is done early (no more than three weeks from the date of travel).

When to receive a response from Air Canada?

In the case of queries, the maximum response time is seven working days, so if you need an immediate response, it is suggested to call the telephone center of your airline carrier.

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