Air Canada: Change and correction of name and date

After confirming your reservation, did you realize that your first or last name was misspelled? Fortunately, such a mistake made when booking Air Canada tickets can be repaired, but it will incur costs.

Editing a typo is not optional, but mandatory to avoid later onboarding issues. If at the airport, the screening agent finds that the information on your plane ticket does not match the identity document/passport, he will reserve the right to refuse your boarding, and things may go wrong. make it worse – you risk losing your reservation.

Change a surname/first name on a plane ticket?

At Air Canada, you can correct the name, surname or any other information that is misspelled or incorrectly entered, free of charge, but only if the correction is made within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket. After this period, the service becomes chargeable.

The service of modification, correction or rectification of the names and first names on the reservations of plane tickets issued by Air Canada costs 100 $ CAD.

The Canadian airline gives you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to your reservation up to two hours before the departure of your flight knowing that this operation can be carried out and carried out via different channels: Online (on Manage Booking), by telephone: 1-888-247-2262 (other contact) or at the airport (by approaching the Air Canada desk or counter).

Postponing the Flight with Air Canada: Date Change Policy and Fees

Modifying or changing the departure date of a long-awaited flight is not something we like to do, but unfortunately, for reasons beyond their control, many Air Canada passengers find themselves in the obligation to change their travel plans by postponing their departure with Air Canada.

– How much does it cost?

This type of modification is free of charge if the passenger initiates the operation within the day following their initial reservation (24 hours or less after the validation of the purchase of their plane ticket).

Otherwise, Air Canada may also decide not to charge any fees if the passenger requests the modification of his travel date (or its cancellation) even after the end of this period, provided that he proves his inability to take the flight on the scheduled date.

Consult here the price list applied by Air Canada to passengers wishing to change their travel dates on board its aircraft.

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