Book a plane ticket online now to travel with Air Canada

You can easily book your flight tickets offered by Air Canada online, and for this, you have two solutions: Go to its website or open its mobile application to search for the flight ticket and book it in a few clicks.

In either case, you must use the search engine to make the reservation. You can choose from different options such as: departure airport, arrival airport (destinations), type of ticket (one way or return), number of passengers and their age category (infant, child, adult), and in the end you have to select the travel class.

You can then search for flight offers that match your data to choose the most suitable for you or your travel budget.

The booking process is very simple and fast

All you have to do is enter your flight details in the form provided and press ‘Search flights’. Then select the date and time and enter your destination. After entering the required data, click on “Search flights”. A list of flights available for booking will appear on the screen. Select yours, then go to the next step.

The first chosen that you are asked is whether you wish to purchase a return or one-way airfare.

Next, you need to specify the exact departure and arrival airports. Enter them in the fields of the form and click “Continue”. You will see an overview of all available flights. When you find the one you want, click on it to proceed to payment.

There are several ways to pay for your ticket. For example, you can use a credit card or a PayPal account, …

You can then (once the reservation is confirmed) do your check-in in advance, if you wish. This way you will avoid any problems at the airport when you arrive.

Choose your seat when booking

You can choose from economy, premium economy or business (Singature) class seats on most Air Canada-operated flights. If you wish to select a specific type of seat when your reservation has already been made, you can do so by modifying your initial choice from the Manage Bookings section.

If you are traveling in the last minutes before departure time, you may be able to select a seat at no additional cost (this usually depends on your fare). Please note that this option is not always offered and availability may not be guaranteed every time.

Traveling for less with Air Canada?

There are many ways to save money on your plane tickets. The first and easiest is to book in advance. When planning a trip, it is best to check if your airline Air Canada is currently offering discounts to its customers. This can be done by consulting its website or by consulting its pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, …). For example, this year, Air Canada launched an annual program called “Air Canada Deals” which allows customers to book tickets days before departure at exclusive prices within 48 hours, choosing between two hundred or more travel destinations.

Reservation by phone

Ask the Air Canada customer advisor to help you choose the best offer and the best seat available for you, in order to book it by phone. Call 1 888 247-2262 (from Canada) or consult the list of contacts corresponding to your country here.

– Buy a discount plane ticket: Avoid doing it during off-peak times of the year

It may seem obvious, but flying in low season is often more economical than traveling in high season. This is because the price of air tickets increases drastically during peak periods such as summer and New Year holidays, so it is advisable to avoid booking your flight tickets during these times.

– Buy your plane tickets during the weekend?

If you plan to fly to North America, it’s worth considering buying a ticket on weekends rather than weekdays. Weekend flights are usually cheaper than those scheduled for other days of the week. In addition, you will find more places available.

– Buy a return ticket

If you are going abroad, it is sometimes better to buy a return ticket rather than a single one. A return ticket will allow you to visit several countries while saving money. Another option is to consider a multi-stop route where you don’t need to change planes.

– When is it worth buying plane tickets with Air Canada?

The Canadian national airline offers tickets at attractive prices from time to time. The best way to save money is to buy your ticket well in advance. If you’re able to plan a trip weeks or even months in advance, chances are you’ll save on the cost of your booking.

You should know that the prices of flight tickets are modified according to the interest of the trip or the date of the flight. There are times when people travel more and more willingly, so it’s harder to find a cheaper ticket.

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