Manage booking: Change a flight reservation with Aeromexico

Each passenger who has booked a plane ticket with the Mexican airline has the right to modify it or opt for a change of flight but under certain conditions.

Change or modification of flight date 

It is possible to change the time or day of a flight on Aeromexico for free. To do this, it is not essential to have contracted a special rate. In other words, with the most basic you will have the possibility of modifying the date of your reservation without paying an additional dollar.

The 24-hour rule applies to flight reservations with Aeromexico

When you book a flight, there is always a margin of error, you can get the wrong name, first name, flight date, departure airport or destination, …

It is possible to change the date of an Aeromexico flight free of charge provided that the change is made within 24 hours of booking your flight ticket.

If within 24 hours of booking the flight, you try to make the change online but there is a problem on the Manage My Booking page that prevents you from making the change, then we recommend that you submit a complaint or an e-mail to the airline indicating that your situation for the modification of your reservation could not be stipulated within the stipulated time.

Modification of flights outside this period

Apart from the first twenty-four hours following the reservation, Aeromexico allows its passengers to modify the parameters of their flight, either free of charge or by paying a fee, this essentially depends on their reservation rates:

– Eco Budget: Unable to change flight.

– Eco Standard / Eco Flex / Club Class / Club Standard / Club Flex: Modification possible and free of charge. You only have to pay the fare difference if the fare changes.

Modify a plane ticket issued by Aeromexico online

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below or call the Aeromexico customer service number for instant assistance:

– Go to;

– Click on the My Trips tab;

Enter the passenger’s last name, first name and reservation number, flight departure date and you will be redirected to the dashboard;

Choose the option “Change flight”;

Now add a new date or destination that needs to be changed;

You will then be redirected to the payment page;

Proceed to payment and you will receive a confirmation of your new flight ticket reservation on your established email.

Change or correction of name according to Aeromexico policy

The Canadian airline is very adaptable in all respects. Corrections can be made to misspelled first and last names at no charge, however, complete name change is not permitted.

Changes are generally not possible online, but by contacting the airline’s customer service department by telephone.

Changing seats and other choices

It is possible to travel on an aircraft with some empty seats. Thus, we have the possibility of changing places before the flight.

You should know that the allocation of places is done automatically. Requesting a particular seat on the plane requires an additional fee.

Free or paid? It entirely depends on the price of your plane ticket.

Other choices you can change

Meals, baggage allowances, hotel room and car rental, or any other special product or service offered by Aeromexico on board or at the airport. Contact your airline’s customer service for any additional information.

Booking an Aeromexico flight through a travel agency?

In this case, the agent is responsible for the complete processing of the reservation. For example, in the case of booking an airline ticket, you cannot change the ticket by contacting the airline because the airline will refer you to the agent who issued the ticket. The same goes for hotel reservations, car rental, …

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