Club Premier Titanium: Benefits and advantages offered to status holders

Are you a frequent flyer looking for a way to enhance your flying experience with Aeromexico? As a member of Club Premier, its loyalty and rewards program, you can enjoy genuine benefits and privileges by earning qualifying Premier points. Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading to the Titanium tier and what it can mean for your air travel.

Understanding the Premier qualifying points system

The Club Premier points system is based on segments and points earned when booking flights with Aeroméxico and/or Delta.

Achieve 100 qualifying segments or 100,000 Premier Points

To qualify for a Titanium tier upgrade, members must earn 100,000 points including 80,000 Premier points on flights booked with Aeromexico or Delta.

To complete the 100 qualifying segments required for an upgrade membership tier, members may complete their individual flights with up to 20 segments accumulated during SkyTeam flights.

When booking flights with SkyTeam airlines, only 20 segments or 20,000 Premier Points can be used towards your tier qualification metrics.

These criteria must be met before requesting a membership upgrade – although they may change in time due to changes in routes operated by Skyteam alliance member carriers serving Mexico.

With these steps in mind, upgrading your Club Premier status to a Titanium member may not take long at all – just remember that when you focus on increasing your points, make sure that you meet the above criteria and enjoy all the rewards associated with being an elite.

The benefits of upgrading to titanium level and status

Upgrading to this status brings many exclusive benefits, such as access to preferential boarding, priority check-in, baggage privileges on Aeromexico flights, additional points per flight, discounts on airport services or special facilities at the airport lounge for certain destinations outside of North America.

Aeroméxico’s Titanium Tier Membership is an exclusive tier of the Premier Club Frequent Flyer Rewards Program that offers members access to special benefits when flying with the Mexican airline and its partners.

Members who successfully achieve Titanium status enjoy the following benefits and services:

Receive 8-point bonus miles (per 1$): Applies only when purchasing an airline ticket from Mexico’s national carrier.

Tier Bonus System: A great way for air travelers to increase their loyalty rewards by allowing them to earn additional benefits, which vary by class of travel and route distance, in addition to the regular rewards that they earn by using the airlines affiliated with the program.

Important: Bonus points cannot be used to retain and maintain Titanium status.

Complimentary Premier Lounge access: Traveling for business or pleasure can often be stressful and tiring. If you want to make your trip a bit more luxurious and comfortable, you can access premium lounges with two companions. All you need to do is be a Premier Club Platinum cardholder.

Complimentary access with one companion to SkyTeam lounges

Other exclusive advantages:

– Select a seat for free (AM Plus, preferential seats, etc.). Flight tickets booked with the base fare or V class do not qualify for these benefits.

– Travelers on Aeromexico and Skyteam alliance carriers enjoy access to the Priority Airport Waiting List, which serves passengers eligible for Priority Check-in with the added benefit of a queue. shorter wait at the boarding gate.

– They also have free access to SkyPriority for a smooth and priority journey through the airport: Priority check-in, first boarding and fast baggage delivery upon flight arrival.

– No service fees charged on booking flights with Prime Classic and Prime Airways tickets

– Become a SkyTeam Elite Plus member wherever you fly

– Traveling with one or more additional pieces of baggage in the cabin and in the hold:

Flight between Mexico and Baggage Allowance Additional Baggage
Domestic Premier Cabin: 2 x 32kg Tourist Cabin: 1 x 25kg (Not available for Basic and Classic fares) One additional baggage
United States or Canada /
Central America or the Caribbean Tourist Cabin: 1 x 25kg (Not available for Basic and Classic fares)
Latin America (South)
Asia Premier Cabin: 3 x 32kg Tourist Cabin: 2 x 25kg

Duration of validity of the Club Premium Titanium status

To keep it, you must have the same number of miles or make reservations on the same number of flight segments required during a calendar year: From January 1 to December 31

Flights made from January 1 to December 31 of each year are considered to accumulate qualifying Premier Points and/or qualifying segments to maintain or reach the Aeromexico Titanium Level.

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