Aeromexico Club Premier: Exclusive Platinum status benefits and rewards

Do you fly frequently on Aeroméxico, Delta and other SkyTeam® alliance member airlines? If so, you could be eligible for Platinum, one of the highest status levels in Club Premier, Mexico’s largest airline loyalty program.

The Platinum level is the second level in terms of importance that can be achieved in the Club Premier loyalty program. It offers its members privileges such as priority boarding and access to the check-in line at airports, access to the VIP lounge at the main airports in Mexico and Latin America, as well as eight additional points for every purchase.

How do I reach and achieve Platinum Match status?

The only way to earn it is to accumulate 80 qualifying segments or 80,000 Premier Points in a calendar year. Eligible segments include all revenue flights operated by Aeroméxico and eligible flights from Delta and Skyteam Alliance partners.

If you’re already close to reaching your goal of Platinum status, it can be helpful to use rate cap promotion campaigns offered from time to time throughout the year, tailored to areas. geography or migration patterns, which allow members to accumulate additional points to reach the Titanium level faster.

Once you’ve earned enough qualifications to become a Platinum member, remember that certain conditions associated with maintaining Platinum status must be met each calendar year – including completing four or more round trips on a period of 12 months, eight one-way trips during this same period.

If these conditions are not met, your membership will expire at the end of that particular cycle – so it is important that members keep an eye on these factors so that they can stay in the know when the achievement of memories is fulfilled.

Benefits and privileges granted to Aeromexico customers with Platinum status

Obtaining a platinum card while flying with Aeromexico airlines can unlock many rewards and benefits – not only in terms of convenience but also financially, as it will save passengers money when they travel in certain types because they can take advantage of exclusive savings available exclusively through customer loyalty programs. like Club Premiere and others.

– Upgrade to first class

Do you have Club Premier Platinum status? If so, it may be worth considering taking advantage of their policy to get free upgrades to the Premier cabin.

Customers who successfully achieve this status are then eligible for a free upgrade to Premier cabin on many selected flights. This offer is based on availability and specific guidelines vary by airline.

– Check availability in advance

To take advantage of this great benefit, it is best to check seat availability when booking your ticket and try to book a seat in the class above the one you are eligible for based on your qualification level (usually economy class or business/premium economy class).

The earlier you make these reservations, the more available seat choices you will have, as Aeromexico reserves certain seats in advance only for Elite members who can select their desired seat up to one month before departure.

– Compare alternatives

If there are no more seats available in the higher fare classes, consider other options, such as paying a small supplement or taking seats from the waitlists (if possible), as upgrades are not always possible for all routes and flight times due to capacity constraints.

Benefits of status
Policy and general rule Up to 72 hours before departure (offered to passengers traveling alone or with a companion on the same flight and under the same reservation) It is granted to the passenger registered in the waiting list and to his companion (subject to availability)
Fares Granted to passengers choosing Grand Plan fare or booking AM(S), OAL(X) or DL(N) award tickets or traveling in class: Y / B / M / U / K / H / L / Q / T / E/N/R/W Available to travelers booking an Award Ticket (S) choosing a Grand Plan fare or one of the following fare classes: Y / B / M / U / K / H / L / Q / T / E / N / R / W
Itinerary On a domestic flight, a flight to or from a destination in the United States or Canada, Central America and the Caribbean or South America
Upgrade not available On flights from airports in Europe and Asia

– Passengers who are not entitled to the free upgrade:

  • Those who make the flight reservation with Delta Airlines to travel in classic E class
  • Those who have eligible reservations on an Aeromexico flight, with the Basic fare or another fare allowing travel in V class.

List of benefits, services and privileges:

  • Earn 5 points/$
  • Earn bonus points (cannot be used to obtain or maintain statuses)
  • Complimentary Premier Lounge or Skyteam Lounge access (alone or with a companion of your choice)
  • Free SkyPriority service allowing priority boarding check-in, and fast baggage claim when getting off the plane
  • Free seat selection for Aeromexico passengers (AM Plus, preferential seats, …). Flights booked with fare V are not eligible for this right.
  • Priority in the waiting list
  • Improved baggage allowance on domestic and international flights
Flight between Mexico and Baggage allowance Additional baggage
Domestic Premier Cabin: 2 x 32kg Tourist Cabin: 1 x 25kg (not included for basic and classic rates)

One Extra Piece

USA or Canada /
Central America and Caribbean Tourist Cabin: 1 x 25kg (not included for basic and classic rates)
South America
Asia Premier Cabin: 3 x 32kg Tourist Cabin: 2 x 25kg

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