Join the Club Premier loyalty program: Benefit from advantages at Aeromexico and its partners

Club Premier, Aeromexico’s loyalty program, offers benefits and rewards to members who fly with the airline. Members can accumulate loyalty points (Puntos) when they travel, which allows them to access preferential rates.

How does the Club Premier program work? It’s simple, really. When you join Club Premier, you earn points for every flight you fly with Aeromexico. You can use these points to get discounts on (free) flight and award tickets, upgrades and other rewards. In addition, you will have access to exclusive offers and promotions.

Sign up for the Club Premier program

Club Premier gives you exclusive benefits. Sign up and accrue Puntos Premier for flights, trip extras, access to our Lounge Premier, and more. It’s easy and free.

The more you fly with Aeromexico, the more benefits you get. So join now and start earning rewards with Club Premier.

Club Premier is a status loyalty program

Club Premier Rewards frequent flyers with exclusive benefits and rewards. The program has three tiers that offer different levels of benefits based on the number of miles or segments flown over a 12 month period. With each tier, members enjoy exclusive offers and discounts, priority check-in and boarding, free checked baggage allowance, bonus points for every flight, lounge access, priority baggage handling, complimentary upgrades, and more.

When you are a Premier Club member, you get different benefits depending on your status. This rewards program offers different levels of membership that provide exclusive benefits and rewards: Club Premier Titanium, Club Premier Platinum, Club Premier Gold.

Gold Status: This level is awarded to you once you earn 50,000 miles or travel 50 segments within a 12-month period, whether with Aeromexico or Delta Airlines.

Platinum status: As a Gold member, you benefit from all the advantages of the Gold level, as well as additional advantages such as access to the lounge, priority baggage handling, bonus points for each flight, …

Titanium status: This level requires that you have flown at least 100,000 miles (including 80,000 miles obtained by booking flights with Aeromexico (Prefix 139) or Delta Airlines (Prefix 006)) or 100 segments over a period of 12 months.

How many Puntos earned for every dollar spent?

The number of Puntos Premier you earn for each dollar paid depends on the type of purchase and the level you are at. Generally, Gold members earn 3 Points per dollar spent, Platinum members earn 5 Points per dollar, and Platinum members earn 8 Points per dollar.

Earn Club Premier miles points through your daily purchases

With Aeromexico’s loyalty program, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards that make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Earn and accumulate points through your spending with Aero Mexico credit cards

Through reservations or purchases that you make daily with classic credit cards such as VISA or American Express.

Transfer of points in Puntos

All the points you have accumulated as part of your participation in the programs of partner financial institutions with Aeromexico are transferable (can be transferred to Puntos) like Thank You from Citi and American Express.

Puntos expire: True or false?

Premier Points do not expire as long as you remain an active Premier Club member. As long as you travel at least once every two years, your points will remain valid and can be used to redeem flights, upgrades, ticket discounts, exclusive offers and more.

That is to say, your points expire if you do not accumulate any points for 24 consecutive months. Call +52.555.133.4000.

Recover missing Puntos miles points

It is possible to add Puntos for the flights you booked before becoming a member of the Club Premier rewards program, or recover the miles points you missed by forgetting to insert your membership code during the reservation.

Deadline: You have up to six months from the original reservation date to recover your missing Puntos.

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