American Airlines: What is its excess baggage purchase policy?

As for the carriage of baggage in the cabin and in the hold, American Airlines sets a limit to guarantee the safety and comfort of all passengers on its flights. Excess baggage means any bag, suitcase or box that weighs more than this limit.

Know the authorized limit

It varies according to your destination, your class of travel and your loyalty status. Be sure to check American Airlines baggage policy for your specific limit.

Plan ahead

To avoid excess baggage charges, plan ahead and make sure your baggage does not exceed the allowable limit. To do this, weigh your luggage before leaving your home and adjust it if necessary. You may also consider packing lighter or shipping certain items separately to avoid incurring additional charges.

Pay in advance: Buy excess online

If you know you will be carrying excess baggage, it is better to pay in advance online rather than at the airport. Plus, you’ll avoid the hassle of paying at the airport and risk missing your flight.

Before we look at the charges for baggage that is larger than the free baggage allowance, it’s important to clarify what American Airlines considers oversized baggage.

– Fee for oversized bags

Passengers are allowed to check in pieces that measure 62 inches (158cm). Exceeding this limit generates fees.

For checking in any oversized baggage you will be charged a fee which varies depending on your itinerary:



On flights between the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and Canada


On flights between Mexico, Caribbean, Central America (except Panama), Guyana and Suriname.

On air routes between New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and India


On flights between Panama and South America destinations (Guyana/Suriname are not included)


On flights between airports in Europe and Qatar


Note: Baggage whose total height, width and depth exceeds 126 inches (320cm) is considered an oversized piece that must be transported as air cargo.

Traveling with overweight bags? Here are the fees charged by American Airlines

One of the regulations to follow when considering flying with American Airlines is the weight limit for checked baggage. If you are planning to travel with this airline, it is essential to know how much you have to pay for overweight baggage in order to avoid unexpected charges at the airport:

American Airlines imposes a weight limit of 23 kilograms (50 pounds) for checked baggage. Beyond this limit, you will have to pay a supplement. The cost of overweight baggage fees depends on the destination and the weight of your suitcase or equipment.


Fees | Between 51Ibs (23kg) and 70 Ibs (32kg)

Fees | Between 71 Ibs (32 kg) and 100 Ibs (45 kg)

On flights Between the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands



On flights from/to Cuba

$200 Not allowed

On flights between Mexico, Caribbean (Cuba is not affected), South and Central America



On routes between destinations in Europe and those in Qatar


Not allowed

On flights between New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, India, South Korea and Hong Kong.


$450 (Not permitted on scheduled flights from or to Australia)

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