Boarding pass for travel on an American Airlines flight: Practical information (groups and final time)

Getting your boarding pass is an essential part of air travel, and American Airlines offers several convenient ways to do it. Whether you prefer to use a mobile device, a self-service kiosk or a traditional printed your document, the American company has you covered.

Mobile boarding pass

AA’s smartphone app allows you to download your boarding pass directly to your phone. It’s a quick and easy way to get your travel document if you have access to a mobile device. Once you have checked in for your flight, you will receive a notification that your electronic boarding pass is ready to be used. You can then display it on your phone, scan it and board your plane.

Self-service terminal

If you prefer a physical copy of your document, you can go to one of the American Airlines self-service kiosks. These kiosks are located at most airports and allow you to check in for flight, choose your seat and print your document. Simply insert your credit card or enter your flight information to get started. The kiosk will then print your document.

Printed boarding pass at home

For those who prefer a traditional paper boarding pass, American Airlines still offers the option of printing this travel document at home. After you have checked in online for your flight, you will be prompted to download and print it.

Boarding pass after using the EarlyBird Check-In service

Planning to buy EarlyBird Check-In® for your next flight, but wondering if you won’t have to check in to get your mobile boarding pass? The answer is yes – you will still need to register to get your document.

Mobile boarding pass data is updated automatically

If you fly often, you’re probably used to constantly having to check your boarding pass to make sure all the details are correct. The good news is that American Airlines has just made things a little easier for its passengers.

What exactly does this mean for passengers? When travelers check in for their flight using the app (Apple Wallet/Google Pay) or the AA website, their boarding pass data is automatically updated in the event of change in their flight. These include seat changes, boarding gate/time changes. They will receive a notification on their mobile device with the updated information.

What to do in the event of a flight with one or more connections?

Apple Wallet can manage all your American Airlines boarding passes, including those for connecting and return flights. This means you can store all your card securely in one convenient location on your iPhone, making the airport experience more streamlined and less stressful.

To add your AA boarding passes to Apple Wallet, simply check in for flight using the American Airlines app. During the check-in process, you will have the option to add your card to Apple Wallet. If you’ve booked multiple flights, such as a flight with a layover or round trip, all of your boarding passes will be added to the same card in Apple Wallet. This means you only need to open one card on your phone to access all of your travel document for your entire trip.

One of the benefits of using this mobile app for your boarding passes is that you can receive real-time updates on your flight status and any boarding gate changes. This means that if there is a last minute change to your flight, you will receive a notification on your phone and your card will be automatically updated with the new information. This saves you time and avoids confusion or delays at the airport.

Boarding Deadline: What time (before departure) you have to board the plane

It is important to note that boarding times may vary depending on the size of the aircraft and the departure time of the flight. However, American Airlines recommends that passengers arrive at the gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for most domestic flights and approximately 45 minutes before for international flights, knowing that the gates close. definitely 15 minutes before flight takeoff.

What are boarding groups on American Airlines operated flights?

The American company divides its passengers into ten boarding groups. Each group is assigned a number, from 0 to 9, with 0 being the first group to board and 9 the last.

Passengers can be assigned to a boarding group based on several factors, including ticket type, frequent flyer status, and seat location:

Group 0: For ConciergeKey members only

Group 1: It includes passengers traveling in First Class, active US military, members with AAdvantage Executive Platinum status

Group 2: Containing passengers achieving Aadvantage Platinum Pro and Oneworld® Emerald℠ status.

Group 3: Includes AAdvantage Platinum® and oneworld® Sapphire℠ members

Group 4: More relevant to AAdvantage Gold®, Oneworld® Ruby℠, AirPass℠, Premium Economy, Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive cardmembers (Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select World EliteTM Mastercard®; CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum; Select World EliteTM Mastercard®; Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® American Express® Card; Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Visa Signature; AAdvantage® AviatorTM Silver Mastercard®; AAdvantage® AviatorTM Red Mastercard® and AAdvantage® AviatorTM Business Mastercard®.), and people who have booked priority boarding service and business travelers eligible for the service.

Group 5: Includes passengers reserving their seats in Main Cabin Extra (Basic Economy seat reservations are not affected), and Aadvantage members who have successfully accumulated 15,000 miles.

Group 6: Passengers with any status in the AAdvantage loyalty program entitled to board this group

Group 7/8: This includes passengers traveling with the Basic Economy fare on a flight serving a destination in Europe or South America.

Group 9: Grouping passengers on domestic flights and flights serving Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the country of Central America.

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