Traveling in American Airlines Premium Economy Class: Seats, meals, baggage and entertainment program

In addition to its gigantic fleet, American Airlines knows how to retain its customers, by meeting their needs, by offering them four different classes in its flights, with a Premium Economy class offer larger than almost all the others. airlines in the United States.

Offering more passenger comfort at a lower price than business class, this cabin category is popular with many travelers looking for the best value for their trip.

Baggage policy: How many pieces a passenger can carry when traveling in Premium Economy

Between 5 and 10 pieces of baggage can be checked in except on flights to Cuba where travelers are entitled to a two-piece baggage allowance.

What are the advantages of traveling in Premium Economy Class?

Indeed, American Airlines Premium Economy Class offers passengers several advantages listed below:

Offered today on flights with the 777-300, 787-8 (international and to Alaska), 787-9, A330-200, 777-200 aircraft, and planned on other aircraft in a In the near future, this category of flight offers its customers various advantages, which are:

– Have priority

American Airlines customers who have purchased Premium Economy Class tickets have the privilege of priority access to:

– Check-in upon arrival at the airport;

– Safety control on the ground;

– Boarding the plane;

– To collect their luggage on arrival at their destination.

– Comfortable seats

Behind the Flagship®, First or Business class…, this is where the passengers of the Premium economy class of the American Airlines air carrier will be seated. However, the seats of its customers will lack nothing in terms of comfort. Indeed, the Premium Economy seats, in adjustable leather, also have headrests and footrests.

The dimensions of the seats in Premium Economy class vary according to the type of aircraft, as follows:


Seat Width Additional leg room
A319 17,7’’



16,5’’ to 18’’ 34’’
A321 17’’ to 18,1’’

34’’ to 35’’

A321 Transcon

17,3’’ to 17,7’’ 35’’
A321 neo 16.6’’ to 18,4’’

33’’ to 39’’

Boeing 737-800 & 737 MAX

16.6’’ to 17,8’’ 33’’
B777-200 17,1’’ to 18,1’’

35’’ to 36’’


17,1’’ to 18,1’’ 36’’
B787-8 17,2’’

35’’ to 36’’


17,2’’ 35’’
CRJ 700 16,75’’ to 17,25’’


CRJ 900

16,55’’ to 17,33’’ 34’’ to 35’’
ERJ 145 17’’


ERJ 170

18,2’’ to 19,3’’ 34’’
ERJ 175 18,2’’ to 19,3’’


– Premium Economy Class supplements

American Airlines offers its customers who have chosen seats in this class for international flights, Shinola and D.S. & Durga toiletry bags filled with high-quality travel products.

In addition to this, the airline also provides them with special Casper-branded sleep kits, including a pillow and blanket designed exclusively by this partner, to ensure comfort and peace of mind for its passengers during long journeys.

– Free entertainment

Equipped with WiFi, all American Airlines aircraft (apart from the ERJ-145 and ERJ-170, which they do not have), broadcast free of charge, at the customer’s request, its library of: movies, TV shows and more…whether on seats, passenger phones, tablets or even laptops.

Indeed, with its program on the Apple TV+ channel, and the Kids Room, the whole family will be able to find what it’s looking for between film selections and television shows for young and old, throughout the plane trip.

With the new Lifestyle Channel featuring exclusive partnerships with Skillshare and Rosetta, passengers will have the opportunity to be entertained while learning new things.

Indeed, Skillshare will introduce them to video lessons on photography, writing, professional development and more. As for the Rosetta Stone, they will be able to learn with the basics of a new language that they may need once they arrive at their destination.

And meanwhile, kids can also enjoy the new HOMER educational entertainment, where they can learn about topics like reading, science and more.

– Quality meals

Premium Economy Class passengers can enjoy the delicious meals served on board American Airlines aircraft, prepared by the James Beard Foundation.

Note that the menus offered by the line carrier vary according to the region and the flight route, as follows:

  • Flights to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America and certain flights within South America:

Includes the continental United States, Alaska, and Puerto Rico; Canada; Los Angeles (LAX) and Phoenix (PHX) to/from Hawaii; Mexico; the Caribbean; Central America; Colombia; Ecuador; and Manaus, Brazil (MAO).

– Snack basket on flights 500-899 miles during meal times

– Meal service on flights over 900 miles during meal times

– Transcontinental and Hawaii Flagship® dining by Sam Choy, James Beard Award winner and creator of Pacific Rim Cuisine

  • In South America :

American Airlines meals in South America include dishes created and inspired by the James Beard Foundation.

  • In Europe :

The meals offered in Economy Premium in Europe are dishes from the James Beard Foundation, among others.

  • In Asia :

Meals are prepared by a chef using local ingredients.
In Australia / New Zealand:

Meals on flights from Sydney (SYD) and Auckland (AKL) are prepared using local, seasonal ingredients.

– Online meal ordering

Can order meals in advance? For this class of flight, only the reservation of special meals and authorized in advance. The order must be made at least 24 hours before the flight takes off.

– On which flights can a special meal be ordered?

At American Airlines special meals are available on flights to/from: Asia; Australia; Europe; New Zealand ; in Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE); in Montevideo, Uruguay (MVD); in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG); in Santiago, Chile (SCL) and in São Paulo, Brazil (GRU).

– How to proceed?

If the flight allows it, at least 24 hours before departure, the “Book a meal” option can be chosen by the traveler on their booking page or by contacting reservations at the airport.

Thereafter, the gate agent and the flight attendant must be informed that a special meal has been ordered.

It should also be noted that in the event of a flight modification, the meal order must be redone.

– What exactly are special meals?

American Airlines ensures that its special meals for sick people are reviewed by a registered dietitian. Their composition varies according to the type of meal chosen:

– Baby meals consisting of commercial foods for babies and for children 2 years and under, which are linked to the parent/guardian PNR;

– Meals appreciated by children from 2 to 5 years old;

– Specific meals for passengers with digestive sensitivity;

– Lacto-ovo vegetarian: Vegetarian meal that may include eggs and dairy products;

– Meal low in fat and high in fiber;

– Meals with low sodium content;

– Lactose free: Does not contain cheese, dairy products or their derivatives;

– Vegetarian Jain meal (only on flights to/from India).

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