American Airlines – Manage my Booking: the easy way to change your flight reservation

American Airlines’ Manage My Booking service gives you easy access to your flight details, booking information and helps you change your itinerary with just a few clicks.

It is an online platform that allows passengers to manage their flight reservations and make changes to their itinerary. You can access this service on the official website or the mobile application of American Airlines knowing that it is available to all passengers who have booked a flight with the American carrier.

What can you do with Manage My Booking?

This service offers passengers different options to customize their travel plans, namely:

Check your booking information: You can check your flight details, such as departure time, gate information and flight duration.

Change your flight: If your plans change, you can use this service to make changes to your flight. You can change your flight dates, add or remove a passenger and even cancel your flight ticket reservation.

Choose your seat: You can also select your preferred seat on the flight. You can choose a window, middle or aisle seat depending on your preference.

Upgrade your flight: If you want to improve your travel experience, you can use it to upgrade your flight to a higher class.

Add special requests: Like a meal preference or wheelchair assistance, it is possible to add them to your booking using this service.

Connect to your account and manage your reservation with ease

Planning a trip with American Airlines and need to change your reservation? Here is a quick guide on how to log in to your online account.

First, go to the American Airlines website and look for the “Manage Trips” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Then enter your last name and booking reference number.

Once logged in, you will have access to a range of options such as changing your flight dates, selecting seats, adding special services and updating your personal information.

Manage your reservations with American Airlines from your smartphone

One tool that can make travel even easier is the Manage My Booking feature, which is now available on the American Airlines mobile app.

– American Airlines Mobile App Download

Before you can start using Manage My Booking on your mobile device, you must download the American Airlines mobile app, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, simply login to your account to access all features.

– Navigate to Manage my booking on the mobile app

Once logged into the app, you can access your account using the same login details shown below, you will see a list of your current and upcoming trips. Select the trip you wish to manage and you will be able to view and modify your booking. For example, you can change your seat or upgrade your ticket to first class.

Using this service on the American Airlines mobile app offers several benefits to travelers. First, it’s incredibly convenient: you can make changes to your booking anywhere, anytime. Second, the mobile app makes it easy to access all your travel information in one place, including boarding passes, flight status updates, and travel alerts. Finally, using the app can save you time and stress at the airport, as you can change your reservation without having to wait in line.

Is there a possibility to change the seat selection online?

Planning a trip with American Airlines and want to make sure you get the best seat possible? We remind you that this company offers a Manage my reservation service that allows you to change the layout of your seats easily and without hassle.

To modify your choice of seats online, all you have to do is access your space, then display your reservation and modify your choice of seat. You can then check your changes and click “Submit”.

It is important to note that certain seat selections may incur additional charges. If there are fees associated with your selected seat, you will be prompted to pay the fees before your changes are confirmed, if you have chosen the Main Cabin or Economy Basic fare.

Change of name on a reservation validated with American Airlines

Unlike the departure date or other data that can be edited and changed online, the name can only be changed, corrected or changed by calling the US company’s customer service department.

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