Loyalty Choice reward options in the Aadvantage program: Discover exclusive bonuses that vary by loyalty level

Loyalty Choice Rewards Aadvantage programs are designed to offer customers more benefits and experiences in exchange for their loyalty. These programs typically reward customers for their purchases or other actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or referring friends, with points that can be redeemed for discounts, free items, or special experiences.

The goal of Loyalty Choice Rewards is to provide customers with an incentive to continue doing business with a company, while also giving them a sense of appreciation and recognition for their loyalty.

By offering unique experiences and benefits, these programs aim to create a more engaging and satisfying customer experience.

Rewards are designed just for you

This statement advertises a Loyalty Choice Rewards program tied to earning loyalty points and flying a certain number of qualifying flight segments.

To unlock Loyalty Choice rewards, you need to meet two simple requirements: Earn 125,000 loyalty points and complete at least 30 qualifying flight segments. This means that you must engage in a certain amount of expenses or activities with American Airlines or its partners to be eligible for rewards. Exact program details, including which activities earn loyalty points, what constitutes an eligible flight segment and available rewards, may vary and should be verified with American Airlines.

Rewards chart

Level of rewards and privileges Miles (points) required + 30 flight segments

Number of choices





200.000 2





This statement suggests that the Loyalty Choice Rewards program offers customers a choice of rewards at different levels. This means that as customers earn more loyalty points, they will have access to a wider range of rewards to choose from giving customers more flexibility and control over their rewards, and also gives the business a way to incentivize higher levels of customer engagement.

Exact details of the program, including eligibility requirements and benefits offered, should be checked with the company offering the program.

Each level of rewards gives you access to exclusive choices

Level / Choose


2 3 4 5
Systemwide upgrades 1 2


AAdvantage® bonus miles

20.000 (+ 5,000 for those with an AAdvantage credit card) 20.000 (+10.000 for AAdvantage credit card members)


Admirals Club® One-Day Passes


Admirals Club® individual membership

/ Included Included
AA Trip Credit


Carbon emissions offset

$200 donation


Receive 15% off rewards after the flight

Yes /


Gift for AAdvantage Gold status


Choice of one (1) premium Bang & Olufsen product

/ Included


Six Admirals Club lounge passes

This statement promotes access to Admirals Club lounges as one of the rewards available under a Loyalty Choice Rewards program. Eligible members can choose between 6 day passes, which grant access to the lounge for one day, or an individual membership, which provides continuous access.

Admirals Club is a network of airport lounges operated by American Airlines, and partner lounges refer to lounges operated by other airlines that have a partnership with that airline.

Access to these lounges provides a more comfortable and convenient travel experience, with amenities such as food, comfortable seating, and sometimes additional services like showers or business centers.

A $200 credit voucher on an itinerary of your choice

Another tantalizing reward is available through the Loyalty Choice Rewards program. A $200 discount or credit can be used towards the cost of booking travel on American Airlines or its partner airlines, wherever they fly. This means that customers can use their reward to pay for any eligible flight they choose, allowing them to realize significant savings on their travel costs. Exact program details, including how the rebate or credit can be redeemed, should be verified with the company offering the program.

System-wide upgrades guaranteed

A system-wide upgrade allows customers to confirm an upgrade to the next class of service to travel on American Airlines or British Airways flights, of course, subject to seat availability. The upgrade is valid for a maximum of 3 one-way segments.

Regarding upgrades, their validity period is twelve months from the date of their allocation. which gives customers the flexibility to choose when to use them. Upgrades can be used for travel beyond the expiration date, provided the upgrade is confirmed before it expires. Exact details of the program, including how upgrades can be redeemed, should be checked with the company offering the program.

Make a donation to an organization of your choice

You win a $200 reward that can be donated to one of the following charities: American Red Cross; Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; Feeding America; Gary Sinise Foundation; George W. Bush Institute; Make-A-Wish; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Stand Up 2 Cancer and UNICEF.

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