American Airlines: Name change or correction on a flight reservation

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, with a reputation for excellent service and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. In order to offer more flexibility to its customers, it now offers the option of minor and major name corrections for validated tickets that have not yet been unused. This new offer will certainly make things easier for customers who may have made a mistake when booking a flight.

The American company authorizes minor name corrections for flights booked to travel with American Prime and American Eagle. In this case, passengers can make changes online and in the same PNR.

However, any other name corrections/changes should be reported first to an American Airlines Customer Service Agent.

If you are eligible or authorized to make your changes or correct your name online, you can do so by logging into your Manage my Booking account, selecting the option: Change Name or Edit.

It’s a great convenience for travelers who may have mistyped their name or made a slight mistake that can be quickly rectified. Major name corrections, on the other hand, apply to tickets that have a fully unused status and are considered more substantial edits.

The ability to make such corrections is a significant step forward for American Airlines in terms of customer service. This flexibility provides added convenience for customers who may have made a mistake when booking a flight or need to correct their name due to unforeseen circumstances.

In order to make these changes, customers can either contact the AA Customer Service team or visit their website. It is important to note that additional charges will apply for major name corrections, as changes require more processing by the airline.

Change of name on an American Airlines reservation after marriage or divorce?

Just got married and want to change your last name on your next flight booking? Or maybe you recently divorced and want to update your last name on your plane ticket? American Airlines allows passengers to change their last name entirely under certain circumstances.

According to this airline’s policy, passengers are allowed to change their last name on their reservation if they got married or divorced after making the original reservation. The airline recognizes that your legal name may have changed and wants to ensure that your travel experience is smooth.

However, it is important to note that this process cannot be done online. Passengers should either call the American Airlines Reservations Team or visit a branch/office in person to complete the name exchange process. During the phone call or visit, passengers will need to provide the necessary documents to verify the name change. This may include a marriage certificate or divorce decree showing the legal name change.

Once AA has verified the name change, they will update it on the ticket and provide a confirmation number for the new reservation. Passengers should ensure that they keep this confirmation number in a safe place, as it will be needed for any future changes or updates to their data.

It is important to note that there may be a fee associated with changing the name on a reservation, depending on the fare rules and the type of ticket purchased. Passengers should check with the US carrier for applicable fees before completing the name change process.

What fees does American Airlines charge for a name change/correction?

A fee of 25 USD is (sometimes) applied by AA for any major name change, whether on a reservation of a domestic or international flight ticket.

Call the American Airlines phone number if you need assistance

Call 800-433-7300 and report your problem to the AA Assistant so they can take care of it.

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