Join AA Admirals Club: Annual membership fee or day pass, membership and lounge access

Admirals Club, the network of airport lounges operated by American Airlines for its premium customers, such as frequent flyers, business class passengers and members of the elite. Lounges are designed to provide a quiet and comfortable space where passengers can relax, work or grab a bite to eat before their flight.

The Admirals Club Lounge offers a range of amenities designed to make your airport experience more enjoyable. These include comfortable seating, high-speed WiFi, free snacks and fruit drinks, newspapers and magazines, televisions, showers, and conference rooms if you need to work. . At some locations, you can also enjoy a spa treatment or other premium services, such as a free breakfast or fine dining.

The lounge offers a peaceful and comfortable space to relax or work before the flight. This space can also be a haven during long layovers, providing a comfortable and quiet space to take a nap or cool off. Also, free food and drink can save you money on your travels, while Wi-Fi and other conveniences can help you stay connected while on the go.

How do I access the American Airlines Admirals Club?

This is reserved for certain passengers only. You can access the lounge if you are an American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro or Platinum member or if you are traveling internationally in business class or first class on an American Airlines flight or on a flight operated by one of of its partner companies. You can also access this area if you have a day pass or a paid subscription.

One-Day Pass: Buy a pass for a day visit to Admiral Club

The One-day pass is available online or at AA agencies and offices for $59 or 5,900 AAdvantage® miles. The pass is valid for a single day of use at any Admirals Club location.

Buy an annual subscription and save on your Admiral Club membership fees

As a member, you get exclusive access to Admirals Club lounges around the world, no matter which airline you’re flying with. Annual membership also comes with several other benefits, including access to partner lounges, priority check-in and boarding, and discounted rates on meeting rooms and conference space.

Purchasing an annual Admirals Club membership can dramatically improve your airport experience, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind before or after your flight. Access to over one hundred lounges worldwide, personalized support and numerous services on offer make this a subscription worth considering.

If you want to become a member of Admiral Club and enjoy the benefits of this exclusive club, you have two different choices:

– Online

Log in to your Aadvantage account, fill in the required information and provide the requested documents. You may be asked to provide your passport, driver’s license and other identification documents. Be sure to check all documents before sending them.

Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s time to pay for your membership. American Airlines will advise you of available payment options. Most often, you can pay by credit card, check or bank transfer. Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive your membership card and you can start enjoying the exclusive experience of Admirals Club membership.

– By telephone

You must contact American Airlines directly. You can call their customer service department at 800-237-7971 Daily (reachable daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.). Provide them with the requested information and let them know what type of subscription you want to purchase.

The cost of an Admirals Club membership

It varies based on several factors, such as your elite status with American Airlines, where you live, and the type of membership you choose. Here is an overview of the cost structure:

– Standard Annual Membership

For non-elite members, membership is $650. It allows the primary member and up to two guests or immediate family members access to Admirals Club properties.

– Executive Platinum and Concierge Key Elite Membership

The persons concerned are exempt from the annual contribution. This membership allows the primary member and up to two guests or immediate family members access to Admirals Club properties.

– Additional Memberships

If you wish to add another person to your Admirals Club membership, such as a spouse or partner, the cost is $550 per additional member per year.

– New memberships and renewals

If you are a new member, you should expect to pay a one-time $50 entry fee in addition to your annual dues. However, if you renew your membership, you are exempt from these fees.

– Day passes and 30-day subscriptions

If you don’t fly often enough to warrant an annual membership, you can purchase a day pass for $59. Or, if you need access to Admirals Club sites for a longer period, you can purchase a 30-day membership for $99.

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