Rent your cars with Avis Rent a Car: Get the best prices with American Airlines

American Airlines and AVIS Car Rental announced their partnership offering customers the opportunity to earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles while renting cars with AVIS. This partnership allows customers to earn miles for every rental transaction, making it easier to redeem miles for flights and other travel-related expenses.

AVIS Rent a Car is a world-renowned car rental company that has a long history of providing convenient and reliable rental services to millions of customers.

The partnership also allows customers to book rental cars directly on American Airlines’ website, making it easier to plan their trip. It also allows passengers of this company to take advantage of bundled offers on flights and rental cars, thus benefiting from better value for money.

AVIS offers a variety of car options, including economy, luxury and SUV rentals. This company headquartered in New Jersey in the United States also offers additional options such as GPS, child safety seats and toll passes to make the rental experience more comfortable for customers.

As an American Airlines partner, AVIS Rent a Car offers exclusive discounts to AAdvantage members. They can save up to 35% on their car rental costs and earn up to 500 miles per rental transaction.

The number of miles awarded to passengers depends on their status in the Aadvantage rewards program:


Points (miles) / dollar


Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers / Aviator® Mastercard®


Gold; Platinum

Platinum Pro®, Executive Platinum®


Up to 500 miles are offered to passengers renting cars through American Airlines for a period of five days plus days.

In order to benefit from special discounts and receive miles, do not forget to communicate the following code when you complete the online booking form: K817127.

Rent your car online in five easy steps

Booking a rental car online with Avis through American Airlines is a simple and convenient process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you complete your reservation in minutes:

– Visit the American Airlines website

Once inside, select “Book Car” from the navigation menu on the left. Choose the dates and locations of your rental.

– Choose your car

Then select the car that best suits your needs from the available options. You can filter by car type, rental location or other preferences to find the right car for your trip. You can also view photos and specifications of each vehicle to help you make your decision.

– Choose the rental company

Select “Avis Rent a Car” as the rental company of your choice by entering the associated code.

– Add extras

If you need additional equipment or services such as GPS, car seat or insurance, you can add them to your rental during this step. This will ensure that everything you need for a comfortable and safe trip is included in your rental.

Click on “Search” to launch the search and display the results associated with your booking criteria

– Proceed to payment

During this process, you will enter your payment and contact details and review the terms and conditions of your rental. Once you have confirmed your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your rental, including pick-up location and time.

– Collect your car

Finally, when it’s time to collect your rental car, simply drive to the designated Avis Rent a Car location and present your confirmation email and a valid driver’s license. A representative will then hand you the keys to your rental car and you’ll be ready to hit the road.

Need to change your car rental online: Do it online in minutes

If you need to change a car rental reservation, maybe because your travel plans have changed, or maybe you realize you need a different type of vehicle. Whatever the reason, Avis Rent a Car makes it easy to change your booking online. Here’s what you need to know:

To change your reservation, start by logging into your account on the American Airlines website. And for that, you only have to go to MyCars and communicate your name, first name and your reservation number (reference).

Once logged in, locate the reservation you wish to modify. You can do this by searching for it by reservation number or by providing the last name on the reservation along with the pick-up location and date.

You can now start making changes. You will then be presented with a new screen where you can change any aspect of your booking. This includes changing the pick-up location or date, adding or removing drivers, and choosing a different vehicle.

After making your changes, review your booking summary to make sure everything is correct. Make any necessary adjustments, then click “Submit” to save your changes.

After submitting your changes, you will receive a confirmation email from Avis Rent a Car. This will include all details of your updated reservation, including any additional charges that may apply.

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