American Airlines AAdvantage® MileUp® Mastercard®: A card with many advantages

With this card, you can earn up to ten American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles or a $50 credit by spending $500 in a period of 90 days, knowing that the annual fee to be paid is $0.

The American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp Mastercard has a variable APR of 20.24% to 29.24% for purchases and balance transfers, based on creditworthiness. A monthly fee of up to 1.72% will apply to Citi Flex Pay Plans, based on Citi Flex Plan duration and other factors. The variable APR for cash advances is 29.49%, and the variable Penalty APR is up to 29.99% for late or returned payments.

When is this offer available or not?

The American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp Mastercard offer is a great way to earn miles and receive a statement credit. However, it is important to note that this offer is not available if you have received a statement credit or bonus miles for a new AAdvantage MileUp account in the past 48 months. Additionally, this offer is only available to individuals who reside in the United States and its territories, excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. So, if you meet these requirements and are looking for a way to earn miles and a statement credit, this card offer is worth considering.

Holders of this card have access to exclusive bonuses

American Airlines AAdvantage offers bonus miles for eligible purchases made by primary credit cardmembers and authorized users. However, certain transactions such as balance transfers, cash advances, and gaming chips are not considered purchases and do not qualify for bonus miles.

To earn bonus miles, purchases must be made during the promotional period and post to the account within 8-10 weeks. Some merchants may take time to post the purchase, as they wait for the shipment to complete.

Note that miles earned will be credited to the primary credit cardmember’s AAdvantage® account, not the authorized user’s account.

– Earn twice the AAdvantage miles on your rides

Reap the rewards of your grocery shopping by earning 2 miles for every dollar spent. Grocery stores eligible for this offer include supermarkets, meat lockers, dairies, miscellaneous food stores, markets, specialty food vendors and bakeries.

Exceptions: Unfortunately, purchases made at general merchandise stores, discount superstores, candy stores, cafes, salons and fast food outlets will not earn double miles.

Order the American Airlines AAdvantage® MileUp® Card now

For every dollar spent, earn 1 AAdvantage® Mile.

Earning opportunities are available for purchases made by the primary cardholder and Authorized Users, but exclude transactions such as balance transfers, cash advances, checks accessing your credit card account, returns, unauthorized charges, interest and fees, traveler’s checks, foreign currency purchases, money orders, wire transfers, lottery tickets, and gaming chips. Allow 8-10 weeks for miles to be posted to the primary cardholder’s account.

Receive 1 Loyalty Point for every eligible AAdvantage

Mile earned through purchases, not including the aforementioned transactions. Eligible Miles refer to base Miles earned, not including bonuses or accelerators. Loyalty Points are earned by both primary cardholders and Authorized Users, and will be reflected in the primary cardholder’s account in eight to ten

Unleash your travel savings with the Citi®/AAdvantage® credit  card

Get ready to enjoy a 25% reduction on your inflight food and beverage purchases on American Airlines-operated flights. Simply pay with your Citi/AAdvantage credit card and watch the savings stack up.

This offer is limited to delicious inflight snacks and beverages, but don’t worry, there’s no limit to the amount you can save. This benefit extends to both domestic flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and those marketed by American Airlines and operated by Envoy Air, Republic Airways., SkyWest Airlines, Mesa Airlines, and PSA Airlines. So, sit back, relax and savor your next inflight dining experience with the exclusive savings offered by your Citi®/AAdvantage® credit card.

Card account disclosure policy

Your Card Account is a privileged opportunity reserved for AAdvantage® program members. If you are not an active member of this program, you will not be eligible for the Card Account. Citi understands the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with American Airlines and therefore, they have the right to cancel your Card Account in case either you or American Airlines decide to end or deactivate your AAdvantage membership. Keep in mind that this exclusive Card Account is linked to your membership, so make sure to keep it active to enjoy its benefits.

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