AAdvantage Loyalty Program: What are Elite statuses and how many miles to unlock them?

The American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program offers Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) for every mile you fly with them. The more EQM you collect, the higher your AAdvantage status, which comes with its own set of benefits. One of these benefits is the Elite Mileage bonus, a percentage of miles awarded based on your status.

The Elite Mileage Bonus is a way to reward loyal American Airlines customers who achieve elite status. For AAdvantage members, the bonus is based on the number of EQMs earned during the calendar year. Here is a breakdown of the Elite Mileage bonus offered at each level:

– Gold: 40% bonus on all miles flown

– Platinum: 60% bonus on all miles flown

– Platinum Pro: 80% bonus on all miles flown

– Executive Platinum: 120% bonus on all miles flown

For example, if an Executive Platinum member earns 50,000 EQMs in a calendar year, they will receive 60,000 bonus miles (50,000 x 120%). This bonus is in addition to the miles awarded for the flight and any other bonus miles related to promotions or credit card spending.

It is important to note that the Elite Mileage bonus is only awarded on base miles, excluding bonus miles earned through partner airlines or promotions. Additionally, AAdvantage members must achieve the above-mentioned elite status in the current calendar year to be eligible for bonus elite miles the following year.

Number of miles required to unlock access to elite status of the AAdvantage program

  • Gold: 40,000 points
  • Platinum: 75,000 points
  • Platinum Pro: 125,000 points
  • Executive Platinum: 200,000 points

Unlock access to Elite status faster

– Spend with your credit card

Travel enthusiasts and frequent flyers can now earn their elite status in American Airlines’ AAdvantage program by spending their credit card. With a variety of credit card options available and a simple points system, it’s easier than ever to earn Elite status and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

American Airlines offers a range of credit cards suitable for different types of travelers. Each card comes with a sign-up bonus and offers the chance to earn points, miles and other rewards by making daily purchases. Some of the more popular options include the Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard, the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard, and the AAdvantage MileUp card.

Become an AAdvantage Elite member with your spend on American Airlines and its partner programs

One of the fastest ways to earn elite status is to fly American Airlines. But if you’re not a frequent flyer, or want to quickly upgrade your status, you can do so by spending with AA partners.

– American Airlines purchasing programs

The national airline offers several purchase programs that allow you to earn miles. These are American Airlines Vacations, AAdvantage eShopping, AAdvantage Dining and SimplyMiles. By using these programs for your travel reservations, online purchases, meals and everyday purchases, you can accumulate a significant number of points and move closer to Elite status.

– Hotels

American Airlines has partnerships with several hotel chains that allow you to earn miles for your stays. These include bookaahotels.com, Hyatt, Marriott International, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Vacations and RocketMiles. By booking your stays with these partners, you can earn miles and accelerate your progress towards Elite status.

– Rental cars

Thanks to its partnerships with several car rental companies like Avis, Budget, Payless, Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, Alamo, National and Sixt, by renting cars through these partners you can earn AAdvantage miles and improve your Elite status.

– Cruises

By choosing cruises from American Airlines partners offered on bookaacruises.com.

– Commercial Partners

These include Shell, NRG Energy, Reliant Energy, Xoom and Miles for Opinion. By spending money with these partners for your energy bills, money transfers and surveys, you can earn AAdvantage miles and reach elite status faster.

What is a loyalty points bonus?

They are a way to earn and accumulate credits with American Airlines and its partners. The more points you earn, the closer you get to various rewards, such as free flights, upgrades, hotel stays, and more.

There are several ways to earn points with AAdvantage. The most obvious is to fly with the airline or its partners, such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and many others. The number of points you earn depends on the fare class, distance traveled and other factors.

It is important to note that in order to start earning partner points, you must already be a Platinum Pro member and have made at least thirty (30) flight reservations.

The rewards received actually depend on the level/threshold of your earned loyalty points


Loyalty points to be earned Number of Loyalty Point Reward options
1 125,000 + 30 eligible flight segments



200.000 2
3 350.000



550.000 2
5 750.000


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