The Gold Aadvantage status (American Airlines): How to obtain the card and what are the benefits it grants to members?

Beyond the benefits offered and the diversity of privileges available, Aadvantage is a statutory loyalty program that makes it easy to earn points to unlock higher levels and access benefits or services offered only to them.

The Aadvantage loyalty program consists of rewarding its members by granting them advantages and privileges according to their status, namely:

– AAdvantage Gold

– AAdvantage Platinum

– AAdvantage Platinum Pro

– AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Achieve Gold Status

First, it should be noted that each member joining the Aadvantage loyalty program is awarded Gold status during the March-February period.

What is the requirement for Aadvantage Gold status?

To qualify for Aadvantage Gold status, the customer must have 30,000 miles in their account. As a reward for achieving this goal, customers will receive priority boarding and discounts on select products and services when flying with American Airlines and its partner airlines. Plus, they also receive additional rewards such as free checked bags, access to preferred seating options, lounge access, and bonus points.

All rewards and privileges granted to Gold Aadvantage cardholders

– Receive priority in the selection and choice of preferential seats on all American Airlines flights

Gold status in the AAdvantage loyalty program brings many benefits, including priority check-in, priority boarding and the ability to select and sit in preferred seats that allow travel with more convenience and comfort, in addition to offering them the possibility of moving more quickly through airport lines and being seated in one of the best areas of the aircraft before other passengers.

For those who appreciate comfort and relaxation during their trip, this status allows them to reserve (as a priority) reclining seats which give them more legroom and a better chance of sleeping peacefully.

– Upgrade to American Airlines Premium cabin

It is possible to upgrade to the Premium cabin on American Airlines flights with Gold Aadvantage status. Members with this status are eligible for upgrades to preferred seats in the Main cabin and may also be eligible for free or discounted upgrades to Premium cabins on all American Airlines flights in North America.

For Gold Aadvantage members, they can request an upgrade to a Premium cabin up to 24 hours before the departure of their flight.

– Booking Preferred seats for free

Preferred seats offer more legroom, making them ideal for long-haul flights. Gold Aadvantage members can reserve these preferential seats at any time before departure, at no additional cost. They can sit on any row: Porthole, In the middle, in front or behind the partition, …

– Main Cabin Extra seating assignment

Flying with American Airlines by reserving a Main Cabin Extra seat offers a host of different benefits that make the flight experience more enjoyable. Passengers benefit from more legroom and additional headroom, allowing for greater comfort during flight. Additionally, Main Cabin Extra passengers can select their preferred seat in advance, making it easy to choose the type of seat they want. Finally, those seated in the additional main cabin benefit from an exclusive storage space for the upper compartments dedicated to them, making it easier to stow and retrieve their personal belongings during the trip.

– Earn up to 7 miles per 1 USD

This helps Gold members earn the miles required to unlock higher status in the Aadvantage program.

– Mileage bonuses

Receive 40% Bonus status miles

– Free one-bag check-in

Check in additional baggage in the hold, in which you can carry as many items as you want without paying extra.

– Boarding via a priority lane

This service, offered free of charge to Gold card holders, allows American Airlines passengers to board their aircraft more quickly. The service allows the use of special lanes, usually shorter and less busy, to access the gate and board first. It can also allow you to access the overhead compartments before they fill up with other passengers’ luggage.

– Higher priority in the waiting list

If you miss an American Airlines flight, it is often possible to be placed on a waiting list for subsequent flights. This means that if the next flight has seats available, then you can get ahead of other passengers who may be waiting on the same list.

– Receive a free upgrade

On all flights operated by Alaska Airlines

– Enjoy exclusive benefits when you fly with a OneWorld Alliance member airline

You always have access to the advantages that Ruby status grants to passengers, including check-in on a priority lane and access to preferential seats.

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