Aadvantage Eshopping: A program to reward you and get miles for your purchases at more than 1200 malls and online stores

The Aadvantage eShopping program is a loyalty program developed by American Airlines that allows customers to earn miles for every purchase made at participating retailers (more than 1200 stores).

With this program, members can collect points and redeem them for travel rewards such as airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises and more. Customers can also take advantage of exclusive sales and discounts at participating retailers. This program helps customers save money on everyday purchases while earning rewards.

Become a member of Aadvantage e Shopping: Register online

To enroll in this program, visit the AAdvantage eShopping website. From there, you’ll create a profile by entering your name and email address. Once your profile is created, you can use it to shop online at approved retailers and earn points for every dollar spent. Points can be used to redeem rewards offered to participating members of the Aadvantage Loyalty Program.

To create your Aadvantage Eshopping account, first access the website and fill in the registration form fields on the right side of the page. Enter your e-mail address and your first and last name, introduce the ZIP Code and create a password. Click on SIGN UP to validate your registration and membership of the Aadvantage Eshopping program.

Then check your email to confirm that you have become a member of the Eshopping Aadvantage reward program.

– Log in to your account and start earning unlimited miles

In the login page, enter your Aadvantage Number and password and access your customer area to manage your miles.

Earn miles on each of your daily purchases

Shopping for everyday items online can be a great way to earn more Aaadvantage miles. It is enough to be a member in this program to be able to accumulate miles in unlimited while making purchases in more than thousand physical stores/online.

Plus, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts that can help you earn even more miles. You should keep an eye out for special promotions, cashbacks, and other incentives offered by retailers. By taking advantage of these offers, you can easily turn your daily purchases into extra miles that will be useful for booking flights or redeeming points for vacation travel.

Buy your products offered by the biggest brands in malls and earn miles and Aadvantage rewards

Earn up to 20 miles per dollar, shopping at: Verizon, Nike, Adidas, CVS, THRIVE Market, PetSmart, LACNOME,  … Check here the rest of the American Airlines partner stores & mall and find out how many miles can you earn.

Missing Miles: Is there a solution to recover them?

If you are missing miles from your Aadvantage Eshopping Program account, you should contact Customer Service immediately to inquire about your missing miles. The customer service representative can help you determine the cause of the problem and, if necessary, take steps to correct the error and get your miles credited. In addition to contacting customer service, there are other options such as checking your purchase history or trying to resolve it directly with the merchant who may have made an error in not awarding points or miles for the purchase.

If you forgot to provide your loyalty number when shopping with aadvantage eShopping, you can still get a credit. You need to contact the online retailer and ask them to add your loyalty number to your purchase. The merchant will then confirm the information and retroactively credit your points. It’s important to remember that when shopping online, always register your frequent flyer number as soon as possible to ensure you receive all applicable miles and rewards.

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